Lorraine Rastorfer

Work History

Engel (Angel)
Engel (Angel) (2008)
Abend Himmel (Evening Sky)
Abend Himmel (Evening Sky) (2008)
Dropped (2006)
Flux (2015)
Vorstellen (To Imagine)
Vorstellen (To Imagine) (2008)
Pursuit (2013)
Black Pearl
Black Pearl (2010)
Temporal (2013)

Artist Information

"Lorraine Rastorfer's paintings combine formal elegance with an uplifting sense of motion rooted in human dynamics... She has discovered a process of 'weaving' multiple layers of transparent paint an iridescent varnish to create a charged atmosphere. Precise and random elements join to animate the surface." (1)

Rastorfer’s paintings exhibit an elegant unity of rhythm, form and tone, illustrating the paradox of a continual yet unmoving flux.  She explores the nature of painting, the contradictions inherent in the painted surface and the role of serendipity in the creation of her works.  The vagaries of transience and chance have occupied her for a number of years and she uses painterly gesture combined with moments of happenstance to create works that appear to capture a single moment in time.

Lorraine Rastorfer spent two years living in Japan and credits this experience for her love of aesthetics of refinement and restraint. Surfaces glisten with overlaid fibrous thread like patterns in metallic reds, blues, pinks and bronze referencing silk oriental fabrics or Japanese Zen gardens.

Lorraine Rastorfer was born in 1961 in Wellington, New Zealand. She completed a Master of Fine Arts at the Elam School of Fine Arts in 1992 and has exhibited regularly since. Currently Rastorfer is a senior lecturer in Visual Arts at the School of Creative Technologies, Wellington Institute of Technology. Runner up in the Wallace Art Award 1993 and a finalist 1999-2002 and 2004, Rastorfer has been awarded numerous awards and grants including 2005 CoCA/Anthony Harper Contemporary Art Award, 2003 Wellington Institute of Technology Research Grant, 2001 Art Waikato National Art Award and 1993 Ida Eise Painting Award. Her work is represented in corporate collections such as Chapman Tripp, Telecom, Auckland Institute of Architects and James Wallace Arts Trust, and in private collections in Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Austria and New Zealand.

1. Kathy Corner, Art News, Autumn 2009

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