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24 Random Works

Afternoon Delight
Aiko Robinson Afternoon Delight (2017)
Peata Larkin Explorer (2012)
Black Forest Chocolate
Reuben Paterson Black Forest Chocolate (2016)
Chance Encounter
Simon Edwards Chance Encounter (2020)
Trop - Eighteen
Damien Kurth Trop - Eighteen (2018)
Lattice No. 144
Ian Scott Lattice No. 144 (1986/87)
South Island Raven
Paul McLachlan South Island Raven (2019)
Topographical Object No. 13
Craig McIntosh Topographical Object No. 13 (2019)
Bedroom Woman
Nigel Brown Bedroom Woman (2019/20)
Religious and Allegorical Painting
Jeffrey Harris Religious and Allegorical Painting (1973)
Siva (Dance)
Yuki Kihara Siva (Dance) (2015)
Losing My Mind
Aiko Robinson Losing My Mind (2014)
Damien Kurth Assemblage (2020)
Silo and Sulphur
Dick Frizzell Silo and Sulphur (2019)
Mauri (Diamonds)
Israel Birch Mauri (Diamonds) (2018)
Field Study 303
Mike Petre Field Study 303 (2016)
Step B
Dick Frizzell Step B (2019)
The Exchange
Susanne Kerr The Exchange (2016)
Yuki Kihara Leaping (2015)
Sanctum II
Garry Currin Sanctum II (2020)
Ramparts North to St Mary's
Bruce Hunt Ramparts North to St Mary's (2017)
Ashley Gorge Track
Rebecca Harris Ashley Gorge Track (2020)
Neil Dawson Florasphere (2018)
Love Flows From Kisses
Dick Frizzell Love Flows From Kisses (2020)
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