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Illuminate #2
Susanne Kerr Illuminate #2 (2017)
The Exchange
Susanne Kerr The Exchange (2016)
Paua Venus
Paul McLachlan Paua Venus (2017/18)
Right of Recreation
Robert Jahnke Right of Recreation (2004)
Bernini's Muse
Terry Stringer Bernini's Muse (2018)
Southport Till
Peter James Smith Southport Till (2020)
Survival Dog
Nigel Brown Survival Dog (2019/20)
Moon Pool
Russell Moses Moon Pool (2021)
Big Griddy (Large)
Phil Brooks Big Griddy (Large) (2019)
Matt White Grooved Vessel [21-37]
John Parker Matt White Grooved Vessel [21-37] (2021)
Zena Elliott Vitality (2015)
The Light of One Day VII
Garry Currin The Light of One Day VII (2021)
Nuts Growing in Trees
Aiko Robinson Nuts Growing in Trees (2017)
Succession 2
Hannah Kidd Succession 2 (2021)
Cross Over / Yellow In-between
Leanne Morrison Cross Over / Yellow In-between (2019)
Yobitsugi Style Large Vase [23365]
Aaron Scythe Yobitsugi Style Large Vase [23365] (2019)
Katherine Smyth Jarrod (2015)
Across Deep Stream at Aviemore 2009
Wayne Barrar Across Deep Stream at Aviemore 2009
Rerenga Wairua
Israel Tangaroa Birch Rerenga Wairua (2020)
Old School
Dick Frizzell Old School (2005)
Lattice No. 164
Ian Scott Lattice No. 164 (1989)
Dick Frizzell Velázquez (2020)
Yellow Cutout
Leanne Morrison Yellow Cutout (2020)
Dick Frizzell Scrap (2017)
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