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24 Random Works

Table Rock (Green)
Neil Frazer Table Rock (Green) (2018)
Katherine Smyth Bill (2016)
High Seas and Constant Stars [20982]
Christine Thacker High Seas and Constant Stars [20982] (2016)
Peter James Smith Longitude (2018)
Charlotte Handy Flavia (2016)
Santé 1
Elizabeth McClure Santé 1 (2020)
Winter Sky - Hunter
Leanne Morrison Winter Sky - Hunter (2019)
Out from Outram
Dick Frizzell Out from Outram (2019)
Reuben Paterson Pungarehu (2016)
The Crossing #15
Darryn George The Crossing #15 (2017)
Purple Haze
Leanne Morrison Purple Haze (2020)
Charcoal Grooved Conical Necked Bottle [18-68]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Conical Necked Bottle [18-68] (2018)
Jug [18035]
Christine Thacker Jug [18035] (2014)
Submerge V
Caroline Earley Submerge V (2019)
Stasis XI
Caroline Earley Stasis XI (2020)
Planting Out
Jenna Packer Planting Out (2019)
Diluted Core
Peata Larkin Diluted Core (2018)
Bird and Kowhai
Paul Dibble Bird and Kowhai (2020)
Phil Brooks Crest (2020)
Arataki Black
Chris Heaphy Arataki Black (2020)
Earnscleugh Feijoas
Dick Frizzell Earnscleugh Feijoas (2019)
Bernini's Muse
Terry Stringer Bernini's Muse (2018)
Tā Te Whenua Kōwhai
Robert Jahnke Tā Te Whenua Kōwhai (2020)
Red Roses
Dick Frizzell Red Roses (2012)
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