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Milford Galleries Dunedin presents exhibitions which report the quality and diversity of New Zealand art and seeks to support and contribute to the dialogue between national and international artists and their audiences.


Milford Galleries Dunedin is located in the heart of Dunedin city two blocks south of The Octagon and just a few minutes walk from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Since 1989 the gallery has been housed in an historic building built in 1883 for the Hallenstein Bros.’ New Zealand Clothing Factory.

Gallery Space

The gallery consists of three spaces – two large rooms and a smaller more intimate space. One of the gallery’s distinctive features is that irrespective of the solo exhibition programme there is always a large variety of work available to view. Catalogues of the gallery’s full holdings are available for visitors to browse through at leisure and all work is held on-site in one of New Zealand’s largest art store-rooms.

Exhibition Programme

The gallery combines a programme of solo and group exhibitions of new work by its exhibiting artists with selected works from the secondary market. A new exhibition is opened every four weeks.

Associated Services

Gallery staff can advise on all matters relating to the collection of art (private and corporate) and are happy to make site visits. We regularly work with architects and designers (nationwide) and can provide a full range of associated services including illustrated submissions, commissioning, investment advice, valuations, crating and installation.

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