Peter Trevelyan

Work History

Approximation (2015)
Great Stories of All Nations
Great Stories of All Nations (2016)
The Octagonal Heart
The Octagonal Heart (2016)
Gradient #2
Gradient #2 (2016)
Everyman's Dictionary of Music
Everyman's Dictionary of Music (2016)
The Age of Uncertainty
The Age of Uncertainty (2016)
Projection #3
Projection #3 (2017)
Collage and Assemblage
Collage and Assemblage (2016)

Artist Information

"A drawing is a plan, a preliminary visualisation of something to be undertaken in the physical world. Drawing is an ancient technology, a system for postulating, organising and mapping information about the physical world and manipulating it in order to change or affect that world”. (1)

Peter Trevelyan’s sculptures examine geometry, space, and drawing in three dimensions. Created from 0.5mm pencil leads, his delicate constructions bring to mind geodesic forms freed from strict constraints of mathematical formulae. They are drawings that have escaped the flat surface and have acquired physical volume.

Trevelyan’s large asymmetrical installations give the impression of a crystalline life-form that has grown organically over time; the sculptures are cantilevered out into the room and spread down and across walls and floor. Like three-dimensional cross-hatching, viewed from certain angles, the overlapping leads create areas of density. As the viewer’s perspective shifts, space opens up within the works emphasising their improbable combination of fragility and structural integrity.

Peter Trevelyan completed his undergraduate studies at Canterbury University’s Elam School of Fine Arts and holds a PhD in Fine Arts from Massey University. He has exhibited in public institutions throughout New Zealand, including The Dowse Art Gallery, Christchurch Art Gallery, City Gallery Wellington, and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.
1. Artist statement. Accessed 12/01/18.

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions