Hannah Kidd

Work History

Kea (Nestor Notabilis)
Kea (Nestor Notabilis) (2015)
Domestic Bliss (Lion)
Domestic Bliss (Lion) (2011)
Python (2012)
Great Rack (Stag)
Great Rack (Stag) (2008)
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden (2013)
Young Guns I
Young Guns I (2011)
Cow Cocky
Cow Cocky (2008)
Rex (2012)

Artist Information

Hannah Kidd’s subject matter has focused on witty and often comical animal studies which she has used as a vehicle to discuss the human condition. She uses corrugated iron and steel and, in her hands, the roughened material takes on an organic, malleable appearance which brings her subjects to life.

Kidd encapsulates the essence of each of her subjects so well that belief is easily suspended. The appeal of her sculptures is, in the first instance, their familiarity. This visual accessibility and tactility then taps into the viewer’s own memories – shearing time, a favourite pet, a day at the races - drawing out an emotional response to the works.

Whether exploring the New Zealand rural vernacular or the mating habits of exotic birds, it is Kidd’s ability to create a dialogue between her works and the viewer combined with her consummate sense of form and ‘the moment’ that singles her out as one of the country’s foremost young sculptors.

Hannah Kidd graduated in 2001 from the Otago Polytechnic School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture). She has quickly risen to critical acclaim with her distinctive and unique work being exhibited around the world including I’m Sure I’ve Seen that before, Vienna, Austria (2002), Sculpture by the Sea, Australia (2007, 2009 and 2011) Sculpture by the Sea, Denmark (2009 and 2011) along with numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand. In 2010 she was the Winner of the Montalto Sculpture Award, Australia and the People’s Choice Award at NZ Sculpture OnShore and in 2012 was a finalist in the Montalto Sculpture Award, Australia and the New Zealand Wallace Art Awards.


Listen to Hannah Kidd discussing her exhibition with Milford Galleries Art Consultant Bjorn Houtman.
Video production: Ross Wilson

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions