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Deep Point
Neil Frazer Deep Point (2006)
Jeffrey Harris Judith (1979)
Freighter in Heavy Sea
Dick Frizzell Freighter in Heavy Sea (2008)
Iu of Pumalia
Andy Leleisi'uao Iu of Pumalia (2012)
You Said You Are
Hannah Kidd You Said You Are (2018)
Te Kupenga I (The Net_2018)
Peata Larkin Te Kupenga I (The Net_2018) (2018)
Field Study 317
Mike Petre Field Study 317 (2016)
Little Sister
Paul Dibble Little Sister (2014)
Clinch III - Iteration III
Caroline Earley Clinch III - Iteration III (2017)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [22109]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [22109] (2018)
See Me
Peata Larkin See Me (2019)
Low Plain Tears II
Yukari Kaihori Low Plain Tears II (2019)
Perfect Day
Chris Heaphy Perfect Day (2018)
Winter Sky - Hunter
Leanne Morrison Winter Sky - Hunter (2019)
Intersexions X
Caroline Earley & Kate Walker Intersexions X (2015)
Gleams of a Remoter World
Simon Edwards Gleams of a Remoter World (2018)
Emily Wolfe Cover (2019)
Cervine Shroud
Cat Auburn Cervine Shroud (2015)
Susanne Kerr Mirage (2017)
All Sorts - Patches
Joanna Braithwaite All Sorts - Patches (2006)
Kete #7
Darryn George Kete #7 (2009)
Jenna Packer Diversions (2018)
Michael Shepherd Ark (2016)
Canyons and Pine Mountains No. 1
Christine Thacker Canyons and Pine Mountains No. 1 (2012)
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