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24 Random Works

Volcanic Orb [17-74]
John Parker Volcanic Orb [17-74] (2017)
Summers to Come
Mervyn Williams Summers to Come (1997)
Karl Maughan Parnassus (2019)
Let's Go to the Beach
Simon Clark Let's Go to the Beach (2020)
Watching Television
Harry Watson Watching Television (2018)
Undique People of Areatures
Andy Leleisi'uao Undique People of Areatures (2016)
That Certain Smile
Terry Stringer That Certain Smile (2016)
Standing Figure with Head
Jeffrey Harris Standing Figure with Head (1987)
Para Matchitt Huakina (1986)
Jug [18035]
Christine Thacker Jug [18035] (2014)
Zena Elliott Move (2017)
Names Will Never Hurt Me
Hannah Kidd Names Will Never Hurt Me (2018)
Blind Faith
Susanne Kerr Blind Faith (2018/19)
Against Nature
Harry Watson Against Nature (2018)
The Smell of Rain - Lindis
Bruce Hunt The Smell of Rain - Lindis (2017)
Times Arrow
Dick Frizzell Times Arrow (2007)
Aladdin's Aotearoa
Nigel Brown Aladdin's Aotearoa (1993)
Nigel Brown Tūi (2015)
Night Caller
Joanna Braithwaite Night Caller (2015)
Another Green World II
Elizabeth Thomson Another Green World II (2008)
Lattice Drawing No. 131
Ian Scott Lattice Drawing No. 131 (1985)
From Near and Far
Chris Heaphy From Near and Far (2016)
Unplugged #1
Susanne Kerr Unplugged #1 (2015)
Lisa Reihana Diva (2007)
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