Hannah Kidd Exhibitions

Hannah Kidd

Top Dog

7 Aug - 1 Sept 2010

Exhibition Works

Boxer (Humphrey)
Boxer (Humphrey) (2010)
Bloodhound (Bubba)
Bloodhound (Bubba) (2010)
Pug (Prudence)
Pug (Prudence) (2010)
Shiatsu (Shit Sue) (2010)
Shiatsu (Shit Sue) (2010)
Bulldog (Winston)
Bulldog (Winston) (2010)
Dachshund (Otto)
Dachshund (Otto) (2010)
Greyhound (Santa's Little Helper)
Greyhound (Santa's Little Helper) (2010)
Chihuahuas (Reuben and Toby)
Chihuahuas (Reuben and Toby) (2010)
Delphine and Beatrix Buttercup the 3rd
Delphine and Beatrix Buttercup the 3rd (2010)

Exhibition Text

I love to investigate people and their passions. With people and their dogs there is no better example of how serious a passion can be. As a race we are so linked with the dog that they sit somewhere above beast and almost human. In the extreme of elevation the household pet is the reason for their hosts’ existence, they are their furry gods - Hannah Kidd, 2010.

Hannah Kidd has a remarkable way of capturing the essence of animals, people, the relationships between them and their environment. In the exhibition Top Dog she humorously explores the obsession with canine perfection, and transforms steel and corrugated iron into loveable pets, paraded show dogs and works of art. Her fashioning of metal to sculptural object is not unlike the genetic engineering of these furry friends where colours, shape and characteristics are selected, manipulated and presented for show.

Every dog has a distinctive character- even Reuben and Toby the Chihuahuas with their similar build, colour and features have individual personalities. Shit Sue the Shiatsu wears a top-knot and appears highly groomed and ready for show alongside a pug, bulldog (Winston), Dachshund (Otto), Bloodhound (Bubba), Boxer and a Greyhound named after Bart Simpson’s beloved pet Santa’s Little Helper.

From everyday pets to prize winning diva, all dogs wait patiently for their turn to prance around the gallery, watching on as a handler parades a prize poodle. She is looking fine indeed but the question remains, who will be named ‘Top Dog’?

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