Hannah Kidd Exhibitions

Hannah Kidd

Working Dogs

3 Mar - 28 Mar 2012

Exhibition Works

Rex (2012)
Mack (2012)
Jock (2012)
Buckley (2012)
Tess (2012)

Exhibition Text

Hannah Kidd has risen to national prominence and international award through developing a body of representational sculpture whose hallmarks are broad and significant. Kidd’s works are compellingly accurate, imbued with life-spirit and individual character.

Kidd clads her works with recycled corrugated iron. The works contain a rural vernacular that is built from acute observation and understanding. Dogs on the New Zealand farm are of course as significant and fundamental as the water supply. They are the ubiquitous tool used to work stock and with each dog there are distinguishing subtleties and differences in behaviour, presence and the role undertaken. Kidd reveals this in her acclaimed characteristic and incisive manner.

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