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3D Works

John Edgar Transformer (2007)
Pistol and Kotiate
Martin Selman Pistol and Kotiate (2013)
Jug [18035]
Christine Thacker Jug [18035] (2014)
Trace 1
Graham Bennett Trace 1 (2013)
Infinity No 1
Stephen Bradbourne Infinity No 1 (2011)
John Edgar Capsule (2012)
Crater - Archaeology
Neil Dawson Crater - Archaeology (2005)
Small Shell Necklace
Emily Siddell Small Shell Necklace (2011)
Graham Bennett Fissure (2008)
Vortex 9
Neil Dawson Vortex 9 (2013)
Green and Brown Infinity
Stephen Bradbourne Green and Brown Infinity (2012)
Another Green World II
Elizabeth Thomson Another Green World II (2008)
Another Green World VI
Elizabeth Thomson Another Green World VI (2008)
Botanical Series - Blue
Garry Nash Botanical Series - Blue (2002)
John Edgar Function (2012)
John Edgar Lens (2014)
Large Shell Necklace
Emily Siddell Large Shell Necklace (2011)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3] (2008)
Solar Flare
John Edgar Solar Flare (2014)
Ribbon (Red)
Christine Cathie Ribbon (Red) (2008)
Carved Vessel 3
Garry Nash Carved Vessel 3 (2005)
John Edgar Saltire (2012)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
John Edgar Nucleus (2014)
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