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24 Random Works

Neil Dawson Florasphere (2018)
Pistol and Kotiate
Martin Selman Pistol and Kotiate (2013)
Human Planet
Nigel Brown Human Planet (2018)
Charcoal Grooved Vessel [19-26]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Vessel [19-26] (2019)
Shiny Black Grooved Orb [16-15]
John Parker Shiny Black Grooved Orb [16-15] (2016)
Whiwhi Part II (Present)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whiwhi Part II (Present) (2016)
Reuben Paterson Prayer (2014)
Night Sky
Peata Larkin Night Sky (2019)
Moon Watch
Joanna Braithwaite Moon Watch (2003)
After Heaphy
Charlotte Handy After Heaphy (2016)
Duo Chrome I
Elizabeth Rees Duo Chrome I (2003)
Big Catch
Joanna Braithwaite Big Catch (2009)
Eben Afloat
Simon Richardson Eben Afloat (2018)
Madonna Mountain
Nigel Brown Madonna Mountain (2007/08)
Lake and Dam at Birchville, Upper Hutt 2013
Wayne Barrar Lake and Dam at Birchville, Upper Hutt 2013 (printed 201)
Phil Brooks Tomtom (2019)
Shell Pod #9
Ann Robinson Shell Pod #9 (2016)
Mickey to Tiki (Reversed)
Dick Frizzell Mickey to Tiki (Reversed) (2012)
Waitemata Wakas
Nigel Brown Waitemata Wakas (1992)
Axe Head Study
Neil Frazer Axe Head Study (2018)
The Market Rallies
Jenna Packer The Market Rallies (2017)
John Edgar Equality (2012)
Black Cross Lens
John Edgar Black Cross Lens (2016)
Fig [22181]
Katherine Smyth Fig [22181] (2018)
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