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The Octagonal Heart
Peter Trevelyan The Octagonal Heart (2016)
Graham Bennett Connect (2018)
Katherine Smyth Ken (2016)
Nagasaki Red Footed Plate (Tall) [22788]
Aaron Scythe Nagasaki Red Footed Plate (Tall) [22788] (2017)
Chris Charteris Receive (2015)
Poles Apart
Graham Bennett Poles Apart (2007)
Phil Brooks Compound (2019)
Tiki 9
Neil Adcock Tiki 9 (2019)
Charcoal Grooved Orb [18-68]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Orb [18-68] (2018)
Phil Brooks Cleavage (2019)
Blind Form #5 (Black)
Natalie Guy Blind Form #5 (Black) (2018)
Charcoal Grooved V Bowl [18-28]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved V Bowl [18-28] (2018)
Against Nature
Harry Watson Against Nature (2018)
Right of Recreation
Robert Jahnke Right of Recreation (2004)
Akari Buronzu (Emerald)
Natalie Guy Akari Buronzu (Emerald) (2018)
Round Temple Head
Terry Stringer Round Temple Head (2018/19)
Wayfinding and World-making
Graham Bennett Wayfinding and World-making (2018)
Yobitsugi Style Large Vase [23368]
Aaron Scythe Yobitsugi Style Large Vase [23368] (2019)
Shiny White and Gold Penetration [17-2]
John Parker Shiny White and Gold Penetration [17-2] (2017)
Blind Form #1 (Ash)
Natalie Guy Blind Form #1 (Ash) (2018)
Centrepiece II
Caroline Earley Centrepiece II (2011)
Neil Dawson Florasphere (2018)
Harry Watson Fire (2018)
The Proposal
Paul Dibble The Proposal (2018)
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