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Vanessa's Favourites

White Lens [18136]
John Edgar White Lens [18136] (2014)
Lattice No. 40
Ian Scott Lattice No. 40 (1978)
Plain Song: Red Head On
J S Parker Plain Song: Red Head On (2013)
Flashpoint (Gold)
Mervyn Williams Flashpoint (Gold) (2012)
Night Sky
Peata Larkin Night Sky (2019)
Winter Sky - Capella
Leanne Morrison Winter Sky - Capella (2019)
Poles Apart
Graham Bennett Poles Apart (2007)
Head with Earring
Jeffrey Harris Head with Earring (2002-18)
Māra #6
Darryn George Māra #6 (2019)
Blind Form #1 (Mustard)
Natalie Guy Blind Form #1 (Mustard) (2018)
Mana Kohatu
Chris Charteris Mana Kohatu (2017)
Night Fishing, French Bay II
Russell Moses Night Fishing, French Bay II (2011)
Karl Maughan Hapuku (2019)
Module 1
Peter Trevelyan Module 1 (2018)
Out from Outram
Dick Frizzell Out from Outram (2019)
Nuts Growing in Trees
Aiko Robinson Nuts Growing in Trees (2017)
Israel Birch Content (2012)
Light My Fire #11
Lonnie Hutchinson Light My Fire #11 (2016)
Ponga II
Nigel Brown Ponga II (2017)
Pat Hanly Untitled (1995)
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