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Botanical Series - Blue
Garry Nash Botanical Series - Blue (2002)
John Edgar Function (2012)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH5]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH5] (2008)
Red China Low Bowl [13-48]
John Parker Red China Low Bowl [13-48] (2013)
Large Shell Necklace
Emily Siddell Large Shell Necklace (2011)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3] (2008)
Camellia Vase #5 (Purple)
Layla Walter Camellia Vase #5 (Purple) (2012)
Gold Lens
John Edgar Gold Lens (2012)
Matt Blue Conical Vase [14-137]
John Parker Matt Blue Conical Vase [14-137] (2014)
Solar Flare
John Edgar Solar Flare (2014)
Ribbon (Red)
Christine Cathie Ribbon (Red) (2008)
Carved Vessel 3
Garry Nash Carved Vessel 3 (2005)
John Edgar Saltire (2012)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
Matt Purple Conical Bowl [14-148]
John Parker Matt Purple Conical Bowl [14-148] (2014)
White Linear Bottle No. 3 [13252]
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Bottle No. 3 [13252] (2009)
Hidden Depths
Graham Bennett Hidden Depths (2006/18)
Comb (Black)
Lonnie Hutchinson Comb (Black) (2009)
Whare Koa, Koputai I
Russell Moses Whare Koa, Koputai I (2016)
Lines Extending
Graham Bennett Lines Extending (2002)
Serpentine Red Cross [JE36]
John Edgar Serpentine Red Cross [JE36] (2011)
White Grooved Cylinder [13-13]
John Parker White Grooved Cylinder [13-13] (2011)
Glass Crucible [19109]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [19109] (2015)
Bovine Shroud
Cat Auburn Bovine Shroud (2015)
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