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John Edgar Function (2012)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH5]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH5] (2008)
Red China Low Bowl [13-48]
John Parker Red China Low Bowl [13-48] (2013)
Large Shell Necklace
Emily Siddell Large Shell Necklace (2011)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH3] (2008)
Camellia Vase #5 (Purple)
Layla Walter Camellia Vase #5 (Purple) (2012)
Matt Blue Conical Vase [14-137]
John Parker Matt Blue Conical Vase [14-137] (2014)
Solar Flare
John Edgar Solar Flare (2014)
Ribbon (Red)
Christine Cathie Ribbon (Red) (2008)
Carved Vessel 3
Garry Nash Carved Vessel 3 (2005)
John Edgar Saltire (2012)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
Matt Purple Conical Bowl [14-148]
John Parker Matt Purple Conical Bowl [14-148] (2014)
White Linear Bottle No. 3 [13252]
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Bottle No. 3 [13252] (2009)
John Edgar Nucleus (2014)
Hidden Depths
Graham Bennett Hidden Depths (2006/18)
Cube (Green / Red)
John Edgar Cube (Green / Red) (2008)
Comb (Black)
Lonnie Hutchinson Comb (Black) (2009)
Terry Stringer The Muse of Clay Modelled Sculpture (2019)
The Proposal
Paul Dibble The Proposal (2018)
Lines Extending
Graham Bennett Lines Extending (2002)
Murrine and Nerikomi Set (Green)
Emily Siddell & Stephen Bradbourne Murrine and Nerikomi Set (Green) (2018)
Polymer #4 (Blue/Green)
Peter Trevelyan Polymer #4 (Blue/Green) (2019)
Polymer #8 (White/Black)
Peter Trevelyan Polymer #8 (White/Black) (2019)
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