Darryn George

Work History

Māra #4
Māra #4 (2019)
Tribute: G Parker
Tribute: G Parker (2010)
The Crossing #15
The Crossing #15 (2017)
Kete #7
Kete #7 (2009)
Ariki #9
Ariki #9 (2014)
Garden of Eden (14-4-21)
Garden of Eden (14-4-21) (2021)
Notes on Isaiah #1
Notes on Isaiah #1 (2013)
Garden of Eden (6-10-20)
Garden of Eden (6-10-20) (2020)

Artist Information

"George's paintings spring from a belief in the power and cultural force of pattern - a faith that decorative forms carry as much cultural voltage, speak as powerfully, as any other kind of image”. (1)

Darryn George’s paintings require layers of translations on multiple levels:  visual, literal, linguistic, symbolic.  As he ‘embodies’ the text in his paintings, George simultaneously abstracts words and letters to systems of colours and geometries. Optical illusions stem from his considered use of advancing and recessive colours, blurred outlines, and subtle patterning.  Certain forms are imbued with a personal symbolism and others relate to his experience of his Christian faith.

Darryn George has a clear "interest in paint and pattern; around these primary notes the formal relationships are orchestrated. Colour and pattern are themes featured consistently in George's practice, while a dynamic rapport between American abstraction, Maori heritage and Christian values, and influence of computer technology on are continues to evolve”. (2)

Of Ngāpuhi descent, Darryn George lives and works in Christchurch as the Head of Department, Art, at Christ’s College. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Canterbury University, George went on to gain a Graduate Diploma in Teaching at Christchurch College of Education, and then a Master in Fine Art (painting) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He has exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions around New Zealand and Australia including Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, Wellington City Art Gallery and the Canterbury Museum. A book featuring paintings from 2004-2010 titled Darryn George was published by Mihi Publishing in 2010. In 2013 George was invited to participate in Personal Structures, a collateral event to the 2013 Venice Biennale.  In 2020 he was the 2nd Award winner in the 29th Annual Wallace Art Awards.

1. Justin Paton, Mana Magazine, 2008
2. Abby Cunnane, CS Arts,February 2008


Gallery director Stephen Higginson and artist Darryn George give us an insight into the new works in The Crossing.
Video production: Fabia Oliveira

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