Amanda Gruenwald

Work History

Green, Violet, Blue
Green, Violet, Blue (2023)
Red, Ultramarine, Green
Red, Ultramarine, Green (2022)
Orange, Azure, Green
Orange, Azure, Green (2023)
Purple Ochre
Purple Ochre (2023)
Vermilion Blue
Vermilion Blue (2023)
Sage, Lavender, Orange
Sage, Lavender, Orange (2022)
Red, Ochre, Green
Red, Ochre, Green (2022)
Umber Magenta
Umber Magenta (2023)

Artist Information

Ranging in scale, colour and form, Amanda Gruenwald’s painting practise affirms the painterly traditions of the canvas as an object. Each work is the result of improvisation and deliberation, the interior dynamics informed by the freedom of chance and experimentation in the earliest stages, then developed further through a constantly active meditative process. Her works are fluid and open-ended and expressively energised. Titles commonly detail the dominant palette with surfaces being layers of over-painting predominantly achieved by pooling and spreading. Informed by but departing from the well-established traditions of colour field painting, Gruenwald’s paintings are “visually fresh in the here and now.”1

Amanda Gruenwald, born in 1985, lives in Auckland. She graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2012. She was awarded the Gordon Harris Painting Prize and Kate Edgar Charitable Trust Grant in 2012. She has exhibited at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in 2017 and in 2021 completed a commission of nine works for Cordis Auckland.
1. Emil McAvoy, “Surface Area,” Govett-Brewster Art Gallery Exhibition Text, Eye Contact Magazine, 21 November 2017,

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions