Jenna Packer

Work History

Radiata (2021)
Temperate House
Temperate House (2021)
Terrarium (2021)
Water Feature
Water Feature (2019)
Steam Hammer
Steam Hammer (2017)
The Ascension of the Bankers
The Ascension of the Bankers (2013/14)
Bread and Circuses
Bread and Circuses (2013/14)
Prospect (2021/22)

Artist Information

Jenna Packer paints metaphorical and alternate histories that comment on contemporary society, human psychology, politics and our natural environment.

Her delicately detailed and intimate works appear at first to be historical observations, but upon closer inspection present alternative social and colonial histories. Using a rich, metaphoric language, Packer’s paintings confront the viewer with questions about the seen and unseen forces that control and influence our day-to-day lives and physical environment. Her practice explores the political, economic and social constructs that shape contemporary society at both global and local levels.

Utilising techniques drawn from fresco painting, layers of pigment and glaze give Packer’s work a luminous quality and the sepia tones she chooses reinforce the idea that she is recording the past, albeit one that has not yet come to pass. Tiny scenes of the everyday are integrated into her paintings and these small tableaux offer moments of intimacy within the larger social narrative Packer explores.

After graduating from Ilam School of Art in 1988 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jenna Packer went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in History (First-Class Honours) at the University of Canterbury the following year. Through the 1990’s she continued her education with time spent at the Glasgow Print Workshop, Otago Polytechnic, The Slade School of Art (London) and La Rouelle Studio (France). Jenna Packer is a full time artist and has been exhibiting her work since 1990 both within New Zealand and abroad.

Milford Galleries has represented Jenna Packer since 2009.

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