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Tanya's Favourites

The Children
Richard Orjis The Children (2008)
Ribbon (Red)
Christine Cathie Ribbon (Red) (2008)
Chris Charteris Stillness (2019)
Paua Venus
Paul McLachlan Paua Venus (2017/18)
Names Will Never Hurt Me
Hannah Kidd Names Will Never Hurt Me (2018)
Green Reflection II
Russell Moses Green Reflection II (2019)
Yobitsugi Style Large Vase [23368]
Aaron Scythe Yobitsugi Style Large Vase [23368] (2019)
Untitled (Head, Chair + Red Shade)
Graham Fletcher Untitled (Head, Chair + Red Shade) (2019)
Late Fragment
Garry Currin Late Fragment (2018)
Big Griddy (Large)
Phil Brooks Big Griddy (Large) (2019)
Still Life in a Glass Vase
Dick Frizzell Still Life in a Glass Vase (2018)
Nga Hanga Whakairo
Israel Birch Nga Hanga Whakairo (2011)
Night Caller
Joanna Braithwaite Night Caller (2015)
Uberrime People of Asefeka
Andy Leleisi'uao Uberrime People of Asefeka (2016)
Damien Kurth Nail (2015)
Military Moments
Michael Shepherd Military Moments (1980)
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