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24 Random Works

Small Lattice No. 353
Ian Scott Small Lattice No. 353 (2009)
Field Study 343
Mike Petre Field Study 343 (2018)
Charcoal Grooved Vessel  [AF19-8]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Vessel [AF19-8] (2019)
Viewing Platform At Bowen Falls, Milford 2003
Wayne Barrar Viewing Platform At Bowen Falls, Milford 2003 (printed 2004)
Leanne Morrison Dragonfly (2020)
Rapture I
Elizabeth Rees Rapture I (2008)
A Lad Insane
Dick Frizzell A Lad Insane (2016)
Russ Flatt Sonny (2018)
Lord Grant
Geoffrey Notman Lord Grant (2004)
It Is, Is It?
Terry Stringer It Is, Is It? (2019)
Waitemata Wakas
Nigel Brown Waitemata Wakas (1992)
God Bless America
Ralph Hotere God Bless America (1991)
Russell Moses Sanctuary (2020)
Matt White Grooved Bottle [21-16]
John Parker Matt White Grooved Bottle [21-16] (2021)
Green and Brown Infinity
Stephen Bradbourne Green and Brown Infinity (2012)
Dick Frizzell Velázquez (2020)
Mata Kahurangi
Robert Jahnke Mata Kahurangi (2021)
Urban Warrior
Lisa Reihana Urban Warrior (2007)
Night Shade I
Leanne Morrison Night Shade I (2019)
Obscurity Contingency
Andy Leleisi'uao Obscurity Contingency (2019)
Elizabeth McClure Entwine (2020)
Erwin Fabian Kention (2004)
Caught Short II
Joanna Braithwaite Caught Short II (2010)
I Love Wine
Dick Frizzell I Love Wine (2010)
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