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5 Jul - 30 Jul 2014

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Exhibition Works

Portrait of a Young Man
Toss Woollaston Portrait of a Young Man (1973)
Graham Bennett Guidelines (2006)
Le Grande Tiki
Dick Frizzell Le Grande Tiki (2013)
Untitled (Flowers in a Vase)
Philip Clairmont Untitled (Flowers in a Vase) (1980)
Haeata/Dawn and Porehu/Dusk after Michelangelo's Tomb for the Medici
Paul Dibble Haeata/Dawn and Porehu/Dusk after Michelangelo's Tomb for the Medici (2002)
Te Reo
Nigel Brown Te Reo (1984)
Vortex 9
Neil Dawson Vortex 9 (2013)
City with New Flyover
Robert Ellis City with New Flyover (1968)
Shifting Tides
Joanna Braithwaite Shifting Tides (2012)
Bottle Lake
Karl Maughan Bottle Lake (2012)
Headset 3 & 4
W D Hammond Headset 3 & 4 (1989)
Ginger Beer
Reuben Paterson Ginger Beer (2011)
Mass Grave, Vaimoso
Yuki Kihara Mass Grave, Vaimoso (2013/14)
Geometric Vase (Rhubarb)
Ann Robinson Geometric Vase (Rhubarb) (2011)
Lattice No. 62
Ian Scott Lattice No. 62 (1979)
Black Sand Peak
Neil Frazer Black Sand Peak (2006/08)
Ra Tapu Te Rawhiti, 3 Hune 1990
Robert Ellis Ra Tapu Te Rawhiti, 3 Hune 1990 (1990)
Matukituki River
Michael Hight Matukituki River (2011)
Grand Times
Joanna Braithwaite Grand Times (2013/14)
Pat Hanly Vacation (2001)
Pacific Crown
Dick Frizzell Pacific Crown (2014)
Kete #7
Darryn George Kete #7 (2009)
Parallel Worlds
Paul Dibble Parallel Worlds (2010)
Nigel Brown Resonate (2008)
Under Capricorn
Mervyn Williams Under Capricorn (1999)
Siva in Motion
Yuki Kihara Siva in Motion (2012)
Black Carnival #48 - Tamati in Pearls (Laughing)
Christine Webster Black Carnival #48 - Tamati in Pearls (Laughing) (1993-95)
Brent Wong Clouds (1998)
Haldon Station
Michael Hight Haldon Station (2013)
Plantation Series XIV
William Sutton Plantation Series XIV (1986)
Four Shades of White
Wendy Fairclough Four Shades of White (2009)
Plain Song: Song For The Air
J S Parker Plain Song: Song For The Air (2004)
Crater - Archaeology
Neil Dawson Crater - Archaeology (2005)
After the Storm 1923 - Piopiotahi
Stanley Palmer After the Storm 1923 - Piopiotahi (2013)
The Ascension of the Bankers
Jenna Packer The Ascension of the Bankers (2013/14)
Mervyn Williams Gathering (1991)
Karl Maughan Ohinetahi (2014)
Twisted Flax Pods
Ann Robinson Twisted Flax Pods (2011/14)
Field Study 120
Mike Petre Field Study 120 (2009)
The Nebula NGC in Scorpius
Reuben Paterson The Nebula NGC in Scorpius (2014)
Pa'ceania Part 1 - V
Andy Leleisi'uao Pa'ceania Part 1 - V (2010)
Therapies 8
Christine Webster Therapies 8 (2013)
Rolled Lip Bowl (Citrine)
Ann Robinson Rolled Lip Bowl (Citrine) (2013)
Hills with Lake and Clouds
Brent Wong Hills with Lake and Clouds (1979)
River Road I
Ross Ritchie River Road I (1992/93)
Plate 16
Neil Dawson Plate 16 (2011)
Lattice No. 138
Ian Scott Lattice No. 138 (1986)
Four Aspects
Terry Stringer Four Aspects (2012)
Le Dossier 6 (vi)
Christine Webster Le Dossier 6 (vi) (2006)

Exhibition Text

Significant Works 2014 is a museum standard exhibition featuring pre-eminent NZ artists and works of artistic significance.

A number of major works have been especially produced for the exhibition, including two by Dick Frizzell and another by Michael Hight. Ann Robinson is represented by three marvellous glass works, including a unique pair of pods where the surface has been carved back, the shape modified and defined by this.

Paul Dibble’s great sculpture, Dawn and Dusk, of two paired figures is, by any criteria applied, a truly outstanding work of art.

There is a rare, important portrait by Toss Woollaston, a pair of remarkable Brent Wong paintings, a superb stained glass work by Pat Hanly, and the most important Philip Clairmont on the market for some time.

Reuben Paterson is represented by two substantial works – one beautiful and celebratory, and another, more recent painting, delivering exacting tour de force contrasts of op-art and poppy overlays.

A substantial exhibition opens shortly at Auckland Art Gallery of Robert Ellis’s work, including one of the paintings featured in Significant Works 2014. Mervyn Williams is included with two definitive illusionistic works. (Note: important book publications on the works of Robert Ellis and Mervyn Williams will be released by Ron Sang Publications later this year).

Shigeyuki Kihara is also represented by two works – the Siva in Motion performance video (commissioned by Auckland Art Gallery; recently acquired by Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and the new large scale format photograph Mass Grave, Vaimoso.

There is a substantial work on wallpaper by W D Hammond, three important photographs by Christine Webster, alongside considerable works by Joanna Braithwaite, Bill Sutton, Ian Scott, Karl Maughan, Neil Frazer, Stanley Palmer, J S Parker, Nigel Brown, Ross Ritchie and Wendy Fairclough.

Neil Dawson is represented by three important wall-mounted sculptures, each representing major, acclaimed series.

Exciting emerging artists Andy Leleisi’uao (recipient of numerous international residencies) and Jenna Packer are included alongside Venice Biennale 2013 exhibitor, Darryn George.

Significant Works 2014 is completed with the enthralling, multi-faceted, figurative beauty of Terry Stinger’s Four Aspects and Graham Bennett’s suspended map-like frame, a four-sided pod form segment of the globe, entitled Guidelines.


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