Joanna Braithwaite Exhibitions


3 Aug - 28 Aug 2013

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Exhibition Works

Ochre Tiki
Dick Frizzell Ochre Tiki (1998)
Corten Steel Construction with Owl and Moon
Paul Dibble Corten Steel Construction with Owl and Moon (2012)
Black Carnival #48 - Tamati in Pearls (Laughing)
Christine Webster Black Carnival #48 - Tamati in Pearls (Laughing) (1993-95)
Aquatic Centre, Tuanaimato
Yuki Kihara Aquatic Centre, Tuanaimato (2013)
Karl Maughan Belleknowes (2013)
Banana Girls
Joanna Braithwaite Banana Girls (2002)
Vortex 5
Neil Dawson Vortex 5 (2012)
Grand Central
Dick Frizzell Grand Central (2012)
Dirty Secret I
Joanna Braithwaite Dirty Secret I (2013)
Tafelspiele 1
Lorene Taurerewa Tafelspiele 1 (2011)
Marist Brothers Old Pupil's Association House After Cyclone Evan, Mulivai
Yuki Kihara Marist Brothers Old Pupil's Association House After Cyclone Evan, Mulivai (2013)
Huia Feather and Ball
Paul Dibble Huia Feather and Ball (2013)
Wogengroupe 2
Lorene Taurerewa Wogengroupe 2 (2013)
Michael Hight Cambrians (2007)
Hot Shot
Mervyn Williams Hot Shot (2012)
Pa'ceania Part 1 - V
Andy Leleisi'uao Pa'ceania Part 1 - V (2010)
How King Malietoa Forbid Cannibalism
Yuki Kihara How King Malietoa Forbid Cannibalism (2004)
Hay Rack
Dick Frizzell Hay Rack (2012)
Black Carnival #28 - Bunny Girl (Serious)
Christine Webster Black Carnival #28 - Bunny Girl (Serious) (1993-95)
Reuben Paterson Owharoa (2010)
BEAM - Golden Oak Leaves (2008)
Neil Dawson BEAM - Golden Oak Leaves (2008)
Seeing Red
Mervyn Williams Seeing Red (2012)
Lattice No. 62
Ian Scott Lattice No. 62 (1979)
Dirty Secret III
Joanna Braithwaite Dirty Secret III (2013)
Karl Maughan Opoho (2013)
Black Carnival #44 - Rosanna
Christine Webster Black Carnival #44 - Rosanna (1993-97)
Wogengroupe 5
Lorene Taurerewa Wogengroupe 5 (2013)
Pa'ceania Part 1 - VI
Andy Leleisi'uao Pa'ceania Part 1 - VI (2010)

Exhibition Text

Parallel showcases work from those artists who will be featured on the gallery’s stand at the Auckland Art Fair in early August and who demonstrate the diversity and depth of the gallery’s representation.

New expansion in the holdings of contemporary photography and drawing can be seen in the works of recent additions Christine Webster, Shigeyuki Kihara and Lorene Taurerewa. Each artist has a presence on both the national and international stage and the critical acclaim they have garnered to date certainly marks them as ones to watch. Interest in these mediums is burgeoning as artists push the boundaries of the media.

Works by sculptors Neil Dawson and Paul Dibble show the decades both have spent honing their practice. Dibble combines the weightiness of bronze with graceful fluidity and Dawson uses complex fractal geometries to explore form, movement and space.
The abstract paintings of Mervyn Williams and Ian Scott play with optical illusion and simultaneously celebrate and subvert the flat plane of the canvas. Painterly landscapes by Dick Frizzell and Karl Maughan demonstrate the artists’ gestural layering of colour and texture, while the hyper-real detail and composition of Michael Hight’s Cambrians serves as a counterpoint of calm and control.

The intriguing history of Dunedin’s Larnach family has inspired Joanna Braithwaite’s most recent works; her animal portraits suggest the secrets and scandals that can remain hidden beneath the most proper facades. Reuben Paterson’s glitter paintings also invite the viewer to look beyond the sparkling surface to the concepts of whakapapa and family histories that underlie his practice.