Stanley Palmer Exhibitions

Stanley Palmer

New Prints and Paintings

4 Nov - 24 Nov 2010

Exhibition Works

Afternoon - Karamea
Afternoon - Karamea (2010)
Road - Te Paki
Road - Te Paki (2009)
Waiaro - Colville
Waiaro - Colville (2010)
Estuary, Waiaro - Colville
Estuary, Waiaro - Colville (2010)
Punakaiki II (2010)
Punakaiki II (2010)
Matauri (2010)
Karamea (2010)
Bell - Marae Pahaoa
Bell - Marae Pahaoa (2010)
Rakau Tapu - Harataonga
Rakau Tapu - Harataonga (2010)
Road - Mahurangi
Road - Mahurangi (2010)
Harataonga (2010)
Harataonga (2010)

Exhibition Text

Significant New Zealand printmaker and painter Stanley Palmer shows a variety of techniques and processes from screen prints in linen, to his pioneering bamboo etchings and from lithographs to paintings in his exhibition New Prints and Paintings.

Stanley Palmer has developed a unique printing process using a combination of lithograph and bamboo etching. The effect is distinctive, showing the subtle texture of the bamboo plate while capturing the wide range of tones and colours. With six new prints for 2010, the landscape of the New Zealand coastline is depicted as rugged, natural, and with only small remnants of human life; a red roofed building, a mailbox or a winding road.

Large-scale screen prints on linen show a new and innovative part of Palmer’s art practice and demonstrate his wide range of skills, techniques and understanding of form and colour while capturing the essence of the land and native plant life.

Stanley Palmer’s work shows deep connection to the New Zealand landscape. Environmental Issues are prevalent, particularly the forever-changing coastline of New Zealand. As well as an overall feeling of peace and tranquillity, there is a sense of an underlying threat of loss.

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