Neil Frazer Exhibitions

Summer Show

16 Dec 2011 - 1 Feb 2012

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Exhibition Works

River Landscape: The Factory
Ross Ritchie River Landscape: The Factory (1993)
Curved Square Vase (2011)
Ann Robinson Curved Square Vase (2011)
Patikitiki Connect V
Peata Larkin Patikitiki Connect V (2008)
Transference 19
Claudia Borella Transference 19 (2009)
Ovoid (Red) [15744] (2011)
Christine Cathie Ovoid (Red) [15744] (2011)
Long Term Nurture
Nigel Brown Long Term Nurture (2011)
Matuku Moana Jugs (Pale Blue)
Mike Crawford Matuku Moana Jugs (Pale Blue) (2011)
Tararua Range
Michael Hight Tararua Range (2009)
Coastal Drift
Garry Currin Coastal Drift (2011)
Black Canoe Paddle [15751]
Luke Jacomb Black Canoe Paddle [15751] (2011)
Cube (Orange / Red)
John Edgar Cube (Orange / Red) (2008)
Charlotte Handy Peninsula (2008)
Hua (Seed)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Hua (Seed) (2011)
War Widow
Anita DeSoto War Widow (2009)
Silver Sweep - Silent Advance
Neil Dawson Silver Sweep - Silent Advance (2008)
Renaissance [15706]
Sue Hawker Renaissance [15706] (2011)
Winter Solstice
Ralph Hotere Winter Solstice (1988)
Sgraffito #1
Elizabeth McClure Sgraffito #1 (2011)
Fish Finder 3
W D Hammond Fish Finder 3 (2003)
Nuclear Rosary
Niki Hastings-McFall Nuclear Rosary
Shift II
Claudia Borella Shift II (2009)
Landscape Without Len Lye I
Garry Currin Landscape Without Len Lye I (2008)
Fresh 2
Galia Amsel Fresh 2 (2011)
Time Lapse Study
Neil Frazer Time Lapse Study (2011)
Legerdemain III
Dick Frizzell Legerdemain III (2008)
Taumarumaru (Shadow)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Taumarumaru (Shadow) (2011)
Pa'ceania Part 1 - V
Andy Leleisi'uao Pa'ceania Part 1 - V (2010)
Simon Edwards Swift (2010)
John Edgar Element (2008)
Whiringa-a-rangi / November
Robert Ellis Whiringa-a-rangi / November (2005)
Connexions: Ginga
Sue Hawker Connexions: Ginga (2011)
Awahou South
Karl Maughan Awahou South (2011)
Once If Your Curiosity Continued Insatiable
Nigel Brown Once If Your Curiosity Continued Insatiable (2007/08)
Claudia Borella Shift (2007)
Occupied Territory II
Garry Currin Occupied Territory II (2007)
Galia Amsel Purl (2011)
Matuku Moana Jugs (Pale Grey)
Mike Crawford Matuku Moana Jugs (Pale Grey) (2011)
Ceremony Seekers
Reuben Paterson Ceremony Seekers (2011)
Japonica - For Midge
Layla Walter Japonica - For Midge (2008)
Toni Mackinnon Hilma (2011)
Sea Face
Neil Frazer Sea Face (2011)
In the Purple
Sue Hawker In the Purple (2011)
The Crowing Cockerel, the Fox and the Wallaby
Ray Ching The Crowing Cockerel, the Fox and the Wallaby (2007)
Murrine Pacifica [12398]
Luke Jacomb Murrine Pacifica [12398] (2008)
Galia Amsel Blew (2011)
Occupied Territory VII
Garry Currin Occupied Territory VII (2007)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH7]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH7] (2008)
Te Pakanga XII - He Iwi Mohio Tatau, He Iwi Tohunga Tatou (1974)
Paratene Matchitt Te Pakanga XII - He Iwi Mohio Tatau, He Iwi Tohunga Tatou (1974)
Untitled (Blue Kowhaiwhai)
Reuben Paterson Untitled (Blue Kowhaiwhai) (2009)
Blues Begone [15705]
Sue Hawker Blues Begone [15705] (2011)
Rawiri, Poutama
Darryn George Rawiri, Poutama (2006)
Jug No. 3
Christine Thacker Jug No. 3 (2011)
Sgraffito #2
Elizabeth McClure Sgraffito #2 (2011)
Another Big Kiss
Dick Frizzell Another Big Kiss (2009)
Four Shades of White
Wendy Fairclough Four Shades of White (2009)
Stanwell Bay, Kapiti Coast
Cedric Savage Stanwell Bay, Kapiti Coast
Awahou North
Karl Maughan Awahou North (2011)
Glass Crucible [15540]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [15540] (2011)
Poututerangi / March
Robert Ellis Poututerangi / March (2005)
Cube (White / Yellow)
John Edgar Cube (White / Yellow) (2008)
Jug (Green Trees, Water)
Christine Thacker Jug (Green Trees, Water) (2009)
Geoffrey Notman Honky (2008)
Signs of Historical Narrative
Peter James Smith Signs of Historical Narrative (2006)
Neil Frazer Wavelength (2011)
Te Pakanga XI - Te Humauki (1974)
Paratene Matchitt Te Pakanga XI - Te Humauki (1974)
Grow 4
Galia Amsel Grow 4 (2010)
Give Way
Simon Edwards Give Way (2007)
Jug No. 7 - Hotel Aotearoa III
Christine Thacker Jug No. 7 - Hotel Aotearoa III (2011)
Glass Crucible [15535]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [15535] (2011)
Burnt Stump
Dick Frizzell Burnt Stump (1999)
Sgraffito #4
Elizabeth McClure Sgraffito #4 (2011)
Jenna Packer Downstream (2010)
Rakau Tapu II (2010)
Stanley Palmer Rakau Tapu II (2010)
Clear Landscape Vessel (Kapiti)
Lyndsay Patterson Clear Landscape Vessel (Kapiti) (2009)
Neap Tide
Neil Frazer Neap Tide (2011)
Glass Crucible [15536]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [15536] (2011)
The Stillness of the Chinese Jar III
Peter James Smith The Stillness of the Chinese Jar III (2007)
Legerdemain IV
Dick Frizzell Legerdemain IV (2008)
The Last Retreat Of The Katimamoe
Peter James Smith The Last Retreat Of The Katimamoe (2007)
Giggans Cove
Sydney Lough Thompson Giggans Cove
Untitled 3 (The Eye)
Theo Schoon Untitled 3 (The Eye)
Jug No. 8
Christine Thacker Jug No. 8 (2011)

Exhibition Text

The Summer Show in Dunedin this year is redolent of the land and sea. The cool blues and greens of glass works from Galia Amsel, Claudia Borella and Ann Robinson are echoed in Ross Ritchie’s lush river valley and the clear skies of Michael Hight’s Tararua Range.

Neil Frazer’s sea is wild, tossed by both wind and wave while Garry Currin’s Coastal Drift hints at the calm, forgotten edges of estuaries. Stanley Palmer and Geoffrey Notman paint scenes that evoke your own memories of past beachside summers, tinged with nostalgia.

The curves of Christine Thacker’s vessels provide a sinuous backdrop to her painted landscapes and Sue Hawker’s floral forms burst with life. Ray Ching’s beasts of the land bound across the canvas in The Crowning Cockerel, the Fox and the Wallaby. Full of contradictions – the implausibility of the subject matter and the deft realism of its depiction, rows of dense text and empty, floating speech bubbles – Ching’s painting stops you in your tracks to wonder at its mastery and puzzle at its content.

Links between the tangata whenua and their natural environs are investigated in works by Te Rongo Kirkwood, Luke Jacomb, Peata Larkin and Paratene Matchitt. Matchitt’s drawings look at the universal threat of conflict and Jacomb’s glass paddles reference the seafarers of times past. Larkin and Kirkwood examine personal aspects of their maoritanga in terms of language, pattern and visual metaphor.

Robert Ellis’ two calendar paintings are replete with symbols sourced from both Maori and European narratives. Based on the form of Maungawhau/Mt Eden, they speak of the natural turning of seasons and our own construction of time. Along from Ellis’ works hangs one of Andy Leleisi’uao’s Pa’ceania series, in which the artist has constructed a layered world peopled by beings who work purposefully towards an end that remains just out of our ken.

Anita DeSoto’s faceless War Widow floats, crowned with laurel, opposite Ralph Hotere’s stunning Winter Solstice in stained glass. The gravitas of these pieces is lifted by the exuberance of Reuben Paterson’s glittering blue kowhaiwhai and the delicate steel clouds and paper planes of Neil Dawson.