Bruce Hunt Exhibitions

Bruce Hunt


25 Jun - 28 Jun 2009

Exhibition Works

Lunar (A Dry Year)
Lunar (A Dry Year) (2008/09)
The Pass - Hakataramea
The Pass - Hakataramea (2008/09)
Confluence II
Confluence II (2008/09)
Eastern Flanks - Longslip Mountain
Eastern Flanks - Longslip Mountain (2008/09)
Traverse - Backbone II
Traverse - Backbone II (2008/09)
Heat and Showers
Heat and Showers (2008/09)
Mt Alexander (Study for The Pass and The Kyeburn)
Mt Alexander (Study for The Pass and The Kyeburn) (2008/09)
Transit II - Into Shadow
Transit II - Into Shadow (2008/09)

Exhibition Text

Bruce Hunt’s acclaimed paintings continue to inspire and capture the mood, atmosphere and unique light of the distinctive Central Otago landscape.

From remarkable heights, the viewer looks across vast landscapes, rolling hills and through valleys etched in the landscape out towards an eternal sky. Although the presence of the sky is becoming less prominent in Hunts work, it still makes a bold appearance. In Lunar (A Dry Year) (2008/09) the moon can be spotted as a small element describing so aptly the early morning light, of a crisp Central Otago day.

Bruce Hunt’s technical ability is high and enables him to express the landscape with topographical precision. Confluence ll (2008/09) uses skilful compositional elements, weaving the viewers eye through the work, engulfing them in the landscape.

Hunt’s paint application; layer upon layer of thin washes of acrylic paint, gives a soft hazy effect. It is a technique that expresses well the effect of aerial perspective, which is clearly visible in Traverse- Backbone II (2008/09) where mountains take on a magenta tone and become less defined as the merge into the hazy sky.

Bruce Hunt has opened up his restrained palette and teases with a splash of green here and there. Heat and Showers (2008/09) shows the subtle covering of vegetation; demonstrating the alpine elements that are present in the Central Otago landscapes.

Light is ever present in Bruce Hunt’s work. The contrast of dark shadows and warm light on sun-bathed hills, capture and describe the time of day. Early morning sun shines on The Pass – Hakataramea (2008/09) and one almost feels the chill of the shadows, where they are placed in the foreground of the work.

The experience of a Bruce Hunt painting may be a romantic one but at the same time asks us to look at the environment and the issues surrounding it. Hunt’s stunning vistas show the Central Otago landscape in its untouched glory, capturing a truly unique area in extraordinary paintings.