Bruce Hunt Exhibitions

Bruce Hunt


7 Aug - 1 Sept 2010

Exhibition Works

In the Shadow of Dromedary Hill
In the Shadow of Dromedary Hill (2008/09)
Tim Burn - Left Branch
Tim Burn - Left Branch (2007/08)
Flight (Chain Hill and the Middle Hills)
Flight (Chain Hill and the Middle Hills) (2008)
Puketika and the Lindis River
Puketika and the Lindis River (2008)
Lunar (A Dry Year)
Lunar (A Dry Year) (2008/09)
Southern Slopes - Lindis
Southern Slopes - Lindis (2008/09)
Transit - Big Jocks Trail
Transit - Big Jocks Trail (2008/09)
Passing Shower - Lindis
Passing Shower - Lindis (2010)
Rock and Pillar (2006)
Rock and Pillar (2006)
Path of the Teviot
Path of the Teviot (2009)
Heat and Showers
Heat and Showers (2008/09)
Falls Dam and the Race - Hawkdun
Falls Dam and the Race - Hawkdun (2010)

Exhibition Text

Bruce Hunt has made the subject of the Central Otago landscape identifiably his own. He traverses the landscape from mountain top high. The birds-eye view built from that vantage point is delivered with ‘as-if-there’ sensations that are fundamental to how the viewer comes to experience his paintings.

He combines dialogues about the interlocking geometry of landforms and the valley by valley phenomenon of weather, uses the diagonal contrasts of light and dark, with the remarkable assured use of a tightly defined palette. He presents panoramic scale and uses pictorial depth to broaden the manner in which the viewer engages with the work, so that each painting seems to rise in front of the viewer as if from under their feet. Multiple lines of sight are instantly established and revealed. Each painting has the repeated rhythm of line, the kisses of light and dark along ridges and takes us into the centre of an alpine landscape that is revealed as distinctive and endless.

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