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Finer Points

3 Sept - 3 Oct 2022

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Exhibition Works

Stories of a Lost Land
Paul Dibble Stories of a Lost Land (2022)
The Scale of This Land
Paul Dibble The Scale of This Land (2019)
Swinging with the Devil
Paul Dibble Swinging with the Devil (2016)
Long Horizon Study 2
Paul Dibble Long Horizon Study 2 (2020)
Paul McLachlan Upsurge (2021)
Paul McLachlan Torrent (2021)
Paul McLachlan Freshet (2021)
Roger Mortimer Tawa (2022)
Roger Mortimer Rangitoto (2022)
Secret Whisperings from the Rose Garden
Aiko Robinson Secret Whisperings from the Rose Garden (2022)
Love Looks Not with the Eyes
Aiko Robinson Love Looks Not with the Eyes (2018)
Secret Whisperings from the Camellia Tree
Aiko Robinson Secret Whisperings from the Camellia Tree (2022)
Emily Siddell Sciatica (2019)
Emily Siddell Cocoon (2019)
Leaf Garland
Emily Siddell Leaf Garland (2015)
Teeth Garland
Emily Siddell Teeth Garland (2015)
Symbol Grounding Problem
Peter Trevelyan Symbol Grounding Problem (2022)
Goodhart's Law
Peter Trevelyan Goodhart's Law (2022)
Reafferent Loop
Peter Trevelyan Reafferent Loop (2022)
Apodictic Certainty
Peter Trevelyan Apodictic Certainty (2022)
Peter Trevelyan Semasiography (2022)

Exhibition Text

Immaculately rendered surfaces, gossamer-like forms, resonant layered colour and the glint of precious elements, entice the viewer to appreciate the Finer Points. Exploring the intricate, intimate and innovative, Finer Points showcases six artists with utterly unique practices over a diverse range of media.

There is an uncanny sense of fluid movement in Roger Mortimer’s astonishing large jacquard weaving Tawa. Close inspection reveals familiar placenames and landscapes, which are intertwined with medieval narratives, collapsing place and time.

Pioneering an entirely new medium combining the disciplines of painting and the techniques of etching and engraving, the layered subtle chromatics of colour and the dialogues of myth, infused with naturalistic details and swirling visual rhythms, Paul McLachlan demands attention.

Intimacy and pleasure are explored in Aiko Robinson’s delicate and detailed shunga-like artworks. Using symbolism, metaphor and the body in action, Robinson celebrates the joy and beauty of human connection.

Our ever-changed past has been forever captured in bronze and gold, in Paul Dibble’s Stories of the Lost Land, reminding us that our relationship with our environment is precious and our actions long-lasting.

Emily Siddell and Peter Trevelyan’s sculptures push the boundaries of their chosen medium.  Fragile slivers of porcelain are carefully connected through hand-woven wire in Siddell’s garlands, while Trevelyan transcends the everyday capabilities of cotton-fine copper wire from discarded technology.

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