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10 Aug - 3 Sept 2019

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Exhibition Works

Ben Pearce Sentinel (2018)
Figure of Ease
Paul Dibble Figure of Ease (2018)
Cross Over / Yellow In-between
Leanne Morrison Cross Over / Yellow In-between (2019)
Pascoid Tiki #10
Dick Frizzell Pascoid Tiki #10 (2013)
Two Figures
Jeffrey Harris Two Figures (1989)
Lattice No. 158
Ian Scott Lattice No. 158 (1987)
Reflections - Stairs
Neil Dawson Reflections - Stairs (2017)
Whatumanawa (Red)
Israel Tangaroa Birch Whatumanawa (Red) (2016)
Whiplash Red
Mervyn Williams Whiplash Red (2013)
The Ripley Effect #1 [19-20]
John Parker The Ripley Effect #1 [19-20] (2019)
Navarra Pātiki Mā
Robert Jahnke Navarra Pātiki Mā (2014)
Artist and Model (with Absent Face)
Terry Stringer Artist and Model (with Absent Face) (1998)
Ph Buffer Solution Crystallised (Albumen Print Photographic Process)
Wayne Barrar Ph Buffer Solution Crystallised (Albumen Print Photographic Process) (2018)
Platinum Crystals (Platinum Print Photographic Process)
Wayne Barrar Platinum Crystals (Platinum Print Photographic Process) (2018)
Perspective 1
Peter Trevelyan Perspective 1 (2018)
Quanta 2
Peter Trevelyan Quanta 2 (2018)
Quanta 3
Peter Trevelyan Quanta 3 (2018)
Projection #3
Peter Trevelyan Projection #3 (2017)
EFKS Church, Maraenui
Yuki Kihara EFKS Church, Maraenui (2017)
Captain James Cook - Female (In Pursuit of Venus)
Lisa Reihana Captain James Cook - Female (In Pursuit of Venus) (2016)
Flogging (22340)
Lisa Reihana Flogging (22340) (2017)
Kotuku Waits
Chris Heaphy Kotuku Waits (2016)
Graham Bennett Connect (2018)
Mana Kohatu
Chris Charteris Mana Kohatu (2017)
Whakapapa: Get Down on Your Knees I
Reuben Paterson Whakapapa: Get Down on Your Knees I (2009)
God Bless America
Ralph Hotere God Bless America (1991)
Te Kupenga II (The Net_2018)
Peata Larkin Te Kupenga II (The Net_2018) (2018)
Evolving Jaunt
Andy Leleisi'uao Evolving Jaunt (2019)
Top Notch
Joanna Braithwaite Top Notch (2015)
Middle Valley
Michael Hight Middle Valley (2018)
Rangitata Valley
Michael Hight Rangitata Valley (2019)
Night Sky
Peata Larkin Night Sky (2019)
The Daffodil
Reuben Paterson The Daffodil (2014)
Black Halos 20
Neil Dawson Black Halos 20 (2015)
Rawiri, Poutama
Darryn George Rawiri, Poutama (2006)
Darryn George Rata (2010)

Exhibition Text

Askew celebrates walking the not-so straight line. Whether playing with pictorial space, the reading of a narrative, or the surface of the picture plane itself, Askew explores how artists use a range of media and materials to challenge the viewer to consider an alternative view.

A sharp diagonal splits Whakapapa Get Down on Your Knees I, referencing Reuben Paterson’s diverse lineage, the past and the present. His signature use of glitter, transforms a material typically viewed as a craft object, into the realm of contemporary art.

Once gracing the grounds of his Zealandia Sculpture Garden, Terry Stringer’s Model with Artist explores multiple unique views in a single sculpture. “It considers the relationship between artist and model and the idea of the artist imposing his view, taking possession of the image.” (1)

Lisa Reihana’s video still Flogging and striking portrait Captain James Cook (Female) from her iconic video work In Pursuit of Venus [infected] throw stereotypes and historical representation off-balance. She suggests that truth and history may be constructed as much as they are experienced.

Joanna Braithwaite skews the relationships between humans and animals while Jeffrey Harris’ expressive and emotive Two Figures explores personal relationships gone awry.
1. Terry Stringer, catalogue for Zealandia, 1998
2. “Lisa Reihana: In Pursuit of Venus [Infected]”, catalogue for the Walters Prize, 2016

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