Christine Cathie Exhibitions

Christine Cathie


7 Oct - 25 Oct 2006

Exhibition Works

Ribbon - Orange/Red
Ribbon - Orange/Red (2006)
Ascent - Bronze
Ascent - Bronze (2006)
Ribbon - Bronze
Ribbon - Bronze (2006)
Fallen 2 (2006)
Fallen 2 (2006)
Ascent - Pale Olive (2006)
Ascent - Pale Olive (2006)
Ribbon - Olive
Ribbon - Olive (2006)
Wing - Olive
Wing - Olive (2006)
Skate - Steel Blue (2006)
Skate - Steel Blue (2006)
Fallen 1 (2006)
Fallen 1 (2006)

Exhibition Text

The integral nature of rhythm and motion is captured in Christine Cathie’s elegantly simple glass sculptures. Utilizing the luminosity, density and mass of glass, a multiplicity of tones, moods and spatial elements are deftly articulated.

Cathie’s new exhibition Transference “continues to play with glass’ capacity to hold its form across a curve.” (1) By cutting into the surface, the abstract shapes of previous series are now becoming more literal; feather, wing and undersea skate forms have begun to emerge. Employing tapering edges and curvaceous silhouettes, Cathie essentially draws lines within space, exploiting the translucent nature of glass to establish a dialogue between light and shade, density and mass. Cathie combines rich colours with a smooth velvet surface, building graceful slender curves, ribbons and tapering wings and letting the light glide in.

Cathie’s approach parallels the dynamic form and implied movement seen in futurist sculptor Umberto Boccioni’s Unique Forms of Continuity (1913). Soft undulating forms seem frozen in time as Cathie’s glass sculptures undergo an intuitive sense of transformation, relating both to the motion of the form and nature of object.

1. Christine Cathie, Artist statement, 2006