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Yuki Kihara Leaping (2015)
Rocks and Sea
Stanley Palmer Rocks and Sea (1972)
Neil Dawson Atmosphere (2018)
Russ Flatt Sonny (2018)
Launiu Maiden
Yuki Kihara Launiu Maiden (2003)
Love Looks Not with the Eyes
Aiko Robinson Love Looks Not with the Eyes (2018)
Still Life With Eggs
Dick Frizzell Still Life With Eggs (1987)
He Taonga Te Tamaiti
Russ Flatt He Taonga Te Tamaiti (2021)
The Rokeby Venus (after Velázquez)
Yuki Kihara The Rokeby Venus (after Velázquez) (2017/20)
Godwits Do Fly
Paul Dibble Godwits Do Fly (2019)
Stanley Palmer Awana (2017)
Fale Samoa, Satitoa
Yuki Kihara Fale Samoa, Satitoa (2013)
One for the Whales
Dick Frizzell One for the Whales (2012)
At the Gate
Lisa Reihana At the Gate (2018)
EFKS Church, Maraenui
Yuki Kihara EFKS Church, Maraenui (2017)
Ngā Uri o Piako
Chris Bailey Ngā Uri o Piako (2020)
Ulugali'i Samoa - Samoan Couple
Yuki Kihara Ulugali'i Samoa - Samoan Couple (2004/20)
My Samoan Girl
Yuki Kihara My Samoan Girl (2004/20)
Neil Dawson Florasphere (2018)
The Balcony Scene
Terry Stringer The Balcony Scene (2020)
The Valpinçon Bather (after Ingres)
Yuki Kihara The Valpinçon Bather (after Ingres) (2017/20)
Man and Nature
Terry Stringer Man and Nature (2019)
It Is, Is It?
Terry Stringer It Is, Is It? (2019)
The Scale of This Land
Paul Dibble The Scale of This Land (2019)
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