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A Miraculous Image
Paul Dibble A Miraculous Image (2007)
Bird and Kowhai
Paul Dibble Bird and Kowhai (2020)
Figure of Ease
Paul Dibble Figure of Ease (2018)
Geometric Tall Figure 2
Paul Dibble Geometric Tall Figure 2 (2016)
Godwits Do Fly
Paul Dibble Godwits Do Fly (2019)
Huia Talks to Death (Smaller Study)
Paul Dibble Huia Talks to Death (Smaller Study) (2019)
Rabbit Fights Back
Paul Dibble Rabbit Fights Back (2016)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
Swinging with the Devil
Paul Dibble Swinging with the Devil (2016)
The Proposal
Paul Dibble The Proposal (2018)
The Return of the Godwits
Paul Dibble The Return of the Godwits (2018)
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