Dick Frizzell Exhibitions

Summer Show

18 Dec 2013 - 12 Feb 2014

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Exhibition Works

Zena Elliott Dawn (2013)
Top Tip
Joanna Braithwaite Top Tip (2012)
Peeling the Apple
Paul Dibble Peeling the Apple (2012)
Red in Jade
Mervyn Williams Red in Jade (2012)
Field Study 120
Mike Petre Field Study 120 (2009)
Vortex 9
Neil Dawson Vortex 9 (2013)
Untitled (Blue Kowhaiwhai)
Reuben Paterson Untitled (Blue Kowhaiwhai) (2009)
Lattice No. 106
Ian Scott Lattice No. 106 (1983)
The Chainless Wind
Simon Edwards The Chainless Wind (2013)
Ochre Tiki
Dick Frizzell Ochre Tiki (1998)
Ann Robinson Shrine (1994)
Jenna Packer Signatories (2013)
Paul Dibble Tui (2013)
Old Courthouse, Apia
Yuki Kihara Old Courthouse, Apia (2013)
Choirs of Ecademia Part I
Andy Leleisi'uao Choirs of Ecademia Part I (2013)
Michael Hight Cambrians (2007)
Ringa Ringa
Zena Elliott Ringa Ringa (2013)
Dirty Secret IV
Joanna Braithwaite Dirty Secret IV (2013)
Cloud 11
Neil Dawson Cloud 11 (2013)
Flashpoint (Gold)
Mervyn Williams Flashpoint (Gold) (2012)
Le Dossier 6 (i)
Christine Webster Le Dossier 6 (i) (2006)
Button Down
Reuben Paterson Button Down (2012)
Untitled Approach, 200 Feet
Garry Currin Untitled Approach, 200 Feet (2008-12)
Lorraine Rastorfer Brevity (2012)
John Edgar Capsule (2012)
Karl Maughan Belleknowes (2013)
Plantation, Lalomanu
Yuki Kihara Plantation, Lalomanu (2013)
Pahia Lamp
Nigel Brown Pahia Lamp (2008)
Dirty Secret I
Joanna Braithwaite Dirty Secret I (2013)
Theme Vessel 9
Merilyn Wiseman Theme Vessel 9 (2011/12)
All is Predatory
Nigel Brown All is Predatory (2009-11)
Choosing an Apple 1 (Model)
Paul Dibble Choosing an Apple 1 (Model) (2012)
Zena Elliott Pou (2013)
After Tsunami Galu Afi, Lalomanu
Yuki Kihara After Tsunami Galu Afi, Lalomanu (2013)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH5]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH5] (2008)
New Fleet
Jenna Packer New Fleet (2013)
Hannah Kidd Tryasyoulike (2013)
Cape Saunders
Bruce Hunt Cape Saunders (2012)
The Silk Road Fugue
Linda Holloway The Silk Road Fugue (2013)
Echo Vase 4
Merilyn Wiseman Echo Vase 4 (2012/13)
Duo Chrome I
Elizabeth Rees Duo Chrome I (2003)
Lorraine Rastorfer Temporal (2013)
Theme Vessel 2
Merilyn Wiseman Theme Vessel 2 (2011/12)

Exhibition Text

The 2013/14 Summer Show draws together a diverse range of artists and media, where steel, stone and bronze pieces from eminent sculptors Neil Dawson, John Edgar, and Paul Dibble sit alongside exciting new paintings from emerging artist Zena Elliott and the thought-provoking photography of Shigeyuki Kihara and Christine Webster.

Works selected from the extensive gallery stockroom include those from such well known names Hight, Maughan, and Brown, whose figurative paintings are complemented in turn by the abstract, patterned works of Lorraine Rastorfer, Ian Scott, and Mervyn Williams.

Ceramics and glass pieces add to the depth and texture of the exhibition, Merilyn Wiseman’s soft white vessels contrasting with the translucence of Ann Robinson’s sculptural cast glass and the delicacy of blown glass from Luke Jacomb.