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Small Works

8 Jun - 3 Jul 2013

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Exhibition Works

Kiwi Magic
Simon Clark Kiwi Magic (2013)
Simon Clark Frogs (2013)
Day Tripper
Simon Clark Day Tripper (2013)
New! Zealand. Be There Now.
Simon Clark New! Zealand. Be There Now. (2013)
Things Could Be Worse
Simon Clark Things Could Be Worse (2013)
View Toward the Romantic I
Garry Currin View Toward the Romantic I (2010)
Out of the Woods I
Garry Currin Out of the Woods I (2013)
Salvager's Feast
Garry Currin Salvager's Feast (2012)
Terra Firma: Meditation V
Garry Currin Terra Firma: Meditation V (2013)
Terra Firma: Meditation I
Garry Currin Terra Firma: Meditation I (2012)
Terra Firma: Meditation VII
Garry Currin Terra Firma: Meditation VII (2013)
Terra Firma: Meditation III
Garry Currin Terra Firma: Meditation III (2012)
My True Country
David Shennan My True Country (2013)
Lilburn in Central, Central in Lilburn
David Shennan Lilburn in Central, Central in Lilburn (2013)
Central Otago
David Shennan Central Otago (2013)
Blood-Lines; The Composer
David Shennan Blood-Lines; The Composer (2013)
David Shennan Landfall (2013)
Travelling Smoke
Simon Edwards Travelling Smoke (2013)
Norwest Flame I
Simon Edwards Norwest Flame I (2013)
In the Line of Fire
Simon Edwards In the Line of Fire (2013)
Simon Edwards Conquest (2013)
Lost Empires
Simon Edwards Lost Empires (2013)
Reignition Sequence
Simon Edwards Reignition Sequence (2013)
Pulse Disc 1
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 1 (2011)
Pulse Disc 2
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 2 (2011)
Pulse Disc 3
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 3 (2011)
Pulse Disc 4
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 4 (2011)
Pulse Disc 5
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 5 (2011)
Pulse Disc 6
Neil Dawson Pulse Disc 6 (2011)
Rumours of War
Marc Blake Rumours of War (2013)
Marc Blake Tropic (2013)
Marc Blake Synchronicity (2013)
Memory Implant
Marc Blake Memory Implant (2013)
Marc Blake Removed (2013)
Stumps I
Mike Petre Stumps I (2009)
Stumps II
Mike Petre Stumps II (2009)
Field Study 209
Mike Petre Field Study 209 (2012)
Field Study 224
Mike Petre Field Study 224 (2012)
Field Study 226
Mike Petre Field Study 226 (2012)
Untitled 1
Elizabeth Rees Untitled 1 (2013)
Untitled 2
Elizabeth Rees Untitled 2 (2013)
Untitled 3
Elizabeth Rees Untitled 3 (2013)
Untitled 4
Elizabeth Rees Untitled 4 (2013)
Untitled 5
Elizabeth Rees Untitled 5 (2013)
Untitled 6
Elizabeth Rees Untitled 6 (2013)
Not of This World
Anita DeSoto Not of This World (2013)
Moving Feelings
Anita DeSoto Moving Feelings (2013)
Power Plant
Anita DeSoto Power Plant (2013)
Not Waving, Not Drowning
Anita DeSoto Not Waving, Not Drowning (2013)
Flower Heads
Anita DeSoto Flower Heads (2013)

Exhibition Text

The important function of the small work in the making process for Simon Edwards and Mike Petre is long established. For them, this is where different techniques, new narratives and compositional experimentation is most often presented, examined and explored.

Garry Currin’s restless inventiveness is evidenced in mythic works on ceramic plates and again in the atmospheric meditative Terra Firma paintings on crumpled tin. David Shennan forges a visual language connecting the rhythms of the Central Otago landscape with the sky above.

Neil Dawson’s suite of wall sculptures explore the phenomenon of the Christchurch earthquakes, finding in that endless event an intriguing dialogue of abstracted patterns. Marc Blake characteristically involves the wooden surface of his painted boards, using these as compositional and narrative devices in enthralling and remarkably deft ways.

Anita Desoto visits the world of romance novels and continues her metaphoric parables of how we relate to each other and the environment we live in. Elizabeth Rees’ character portraits are studies of light and dark. In these the unerring role of a dreamed moment and of denied or hidden thought builds a large presence.

Simon Clark’s assured, colourful works evidence a preparedness to engage in the (auto)biographical dialogue about upbringing. Commonly termed ‘nostalgia’ Clark combines images and text, using the history of symbols and ‘kiwiana’ as memory devices through which the world is viewed and ultimately understood.