Past Exhibitions

Geoffrey Notman

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27 Aug - 15 Sept 2005

Exhibition Works

Portobello (2005)
Galaxy (2005)
Catalina (2005)
'77 Classic
'77 Classic (2005)
Reefside (2005)
Ghost Fence
Ghost Fence (2005)
Bertram (2005)
Luxliner (2004)
Feature Wall
Feature Wall (2005)
Private Property No.2 (2004)
Private Property No.2 (2004)

Exhibition Text

Geoffrey Notman’s paintings “shine with a love and sadness for the way things have gone in New Zealand.” (1)

A continuation from his previous series, Notman’s iconographic paintings of caravans, boats and holiday homes set within the New Zealand landscape, possess a captivating nostalgia. But they also have a political agenda: MP Sue Bradford recently stated, “If nothing is done and development continues at the current rate, it will be too late in a few years to stop and wonder how vast stretches of unspoilt coast line were allowed to disappear under housing developments.” (2)

Notman’s paintings are primarily concerned with “New Zealand cultural identity and issues surrounding its origins and future” (3) As an outdoor nation, New Zealander’s enjoy a strong relationship with our local environ. In recent years there has been a considerable rise in the real estate development of the country's coastal regions. “This situation further affects issues of coastal access and dismantles important facilities of public custom.” (4)

When travelling through New Zealand, Notman feels a “deep emotional, almost spiritual connection with the land.” (5) His paintings are an attempt to capture the essence of this feeling. “My ongoing intention in these paintings is to recreate or reveal an overwhelming sensation of presence, which exists within the landscape through our actions and interventions within it.” (6)

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