Simon Edwards Exhibitions

Simon Edwards

Silver Lining

15 Feb - 6 Mar 2003

Exhibition Works

Stratus (2002)
January 12th [MH1]
January 12th [MH1] (2003)
January 2nd
January 2nd (2003)
December 17th
December 17th (2002)
Cloud Re-Collection I (2002)
Cloud Re-Collection I (2002)
Cloud Re-Collection II (2002)
Cloud Re-Collection II (2002)
Cloud Re-Collection III
Cloud Re-Collection III (2002)
Cloud Re-Collection IV
Cloud Re-Collection IV (2002)
December 18th (2002)
December 18th (2002)
January 12th [MH2]
January 12th [MH2] (2003)

Exhibition Text

Silver Lining is Simon Edwards third exhibition at Milford Galleries Dunedin and it conclusively shows that he has developed into an outstanding painter in a startlingly brief period of time. In investigating the Canterbury landscape he redefines it.

The structural sense of these paintings is accurate both to the physicality of the landscape and its emotional character. The artist is standing, looking across and down. His viewpoint is that of an insider and primarily he is examining the particularities of the Canterbury landscape from a reverse of the norm: that is he is looking back from the high country across the plains to the coast. He sees and presents the monumentality and inter-relationship of the skyscape and landscape – the geometry of the farmed landscape sits underneath and is dominated by the organic presence of weather (as clouds).

These paintings have a representational quality but within the imposed restrictions of a primarily monotonal palette Edwards engages also in an exhilarating game with light.