Dick Frizzell Exhibitions

Dick Frizzell

Selected Works on Paper

4 Jun - 23 Jun 2005

Exhibition Works

Red Haring III
Red Haring III (2004)
Blue Tiki
Blue Tiki (2005)
Le Tiki - 2nd Ed
Le Tiki - 2nd Ed (2004)
Old School (2005)
Old School (2005)
Pop Duck
Pop Duck (2002)
Weepy To Sleepy
Weepy To Sleepy (2001)
Candlelight (2004)
Faith in Science
Faith in Science (2002)
Contacts (2003)
Comic Roses (2004)
Comic Roses (2004)
Phantom Flowers
Phantom Flowers (2004)
Brown Squares
Brown Squares (2005)

Exhibition Text

Frizzell’s screen prints and lithographs offer a humorous slant to popular and consumer culture. He appropriates conventional labels, objects and concepts to construct a sophisticated and often satirical language. Frizzell gathers an eclectic subject matter ranging from candles to cartoons, from the Four Square logo to Picasso and more controversially the tiki, reworking and subverting their meanings. Frizzell’s reinterpretation of the tiki to reflect international art styles and movements has caused an ongoing debate in New Zealand concerning cultural ownership.

This exhibition showcases a selection of Dick Frizzell’s recent works on paper. His previous career as a commercial designer is reflected in his simplified designs, bold colour and comic book characters.