Dick Frizzell Exhibitions

Art at Carrick

12 Nov 2015 - 12 Apr 2016

this exhibition takes place at Carrick Wines, Central Otago

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Exhibition Works

Missing Link
Shane Woolridge Missing Link (2011)
Peeling the Apple
Paul Dibble Peeling the Apple (2012)
Transformer [MH2]
John Edgar Transformer [MH2] (2007)
Karl Maughan Waipahi (2015)
Sons of Adam Smith
Jenna Packer Sons of Adam Smith (2013/14)
Vanishing Point 13
Neil Dawson Vanishing Point 13 (2007)
Dark Harvest
Morgan Jones Dark Harvest (2014)
This Little Piggy
Hannah Kidd This Little Piggy (2013)
Cloud 10
Neil Dawson Cloud 10 (2013)
Under Capricorn
Mervyn Williams Under Capricorn (1999)
Choosing an Apple 1 (Model)
Paul Dibble Choosing an Apple 1 (Model) (2012)
Heavy Shadow 6
Graham Bennett Heavy Shadow 6 (2012)
Golden Horse
Hannah Kidd Golden Horse (2015)
John Edgar Capsule (2012)
Misty Barn
Dick Frizzell Misty Barn (2015)
Embrace 2
Rick Swain Embrace 2 (2009)
Heavy Shadow 1
Graham Bennett Heavy Shadow 1 (2012)
Kelvin Grove
Karl Maughan Kelvin Grove (2015)
Paul Dibble Skyscrapers (2014)
Vortex Ware Still Life [15-2]
John Parker Vortex Ware Still Life [15-2] (2015)
Arabian Nights
Pat Hanly Arabian Nights (1995)
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Paul Dibble Putting Your Best Foot Forward (2015)
What's at Stake
Graham Bennett What's at Stake (2015)
Woman Between Past and Future
Terry Stringer Woman Between Past and Future (2014)

Exhibition Text

Celebrate summer at Carrick Winery & Restaurant and view sculpture by many of New Zealand’s most important artists.

Paul Dibble, Neil Dawson, Terry Stringer, Graham Bennett, Hannah Kidd, Shane Woolridge, Morgan Jones and John Edgar sculptures are displayed in the unforgettable setting of the Carrick Vineyard with the wonderful contrasts of the Central Otago alpine landscape and the Bannockburn gold tailings behind. The result is very special.

In the restaurant, there are paintings by prominent artists Karl Maughan, Dick Frizzell, Pat Hanly, Jenna Packer and Mervyn Williams, as well as ceramics by (Arts Laureate) John Parker and smaller scale sculptures by Paul Dibble, Neil Dawson, John Edgar, Hannah Kidd and Graham Bennett to view and enjoy.

Visit the exhibition at:

Carrick Wines
247 Cairmuir Road, Bannockburn, Central Otago
Phone (03) 445 3480
Open 11 am - 5 pm daily
Lunch 12 pm - 3 pm daily

For further directions or information please email us or phone (03) 477 7727 / 027 432 8264