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Tūhura Sculpture Invitational

17 Feb - 15 Apr 2023

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Tūhura (meaning to discover, disclose, bring to light, unearth, open up, explore, investigate) is a significant, immersive and enriching exhibition of contemporary New Zealand sculpture, featuring career-defining works by fifteen sculptors.

Listen to the OAR Sightlines interview with Vanessa Eve Cook. This show was broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin and proudly brought to you by the Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society.

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Exhibition Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Tūhura exhibition at Milford Galleries Dunedin.



Exhibition Works

Te Ngau o te Rangi
Chris Bailey Te Ngau o te Rangi (2021)
Te Iti ō Hauraki
Chris Bailey Te Iti ō Hauraki (2021)
Te Waimate
Chris Booth Te Waimate (2023)
Hawks Crag
Chris Booth Hawks Crag (2015)
Disco Dinornis
Phil Price Disco Dinornis (2005)
Ben Pearce EYRO (2023)
Ben Pearce Atlas (2022)
The Long View (Second Study)
Paul Dibble The Long View (Second Study) (2022)
Parallel Worlds
Paul Dibble Parallel Worlds (2013)
Kaka Down Feather
Neil Dawson Kaka Down Feather (2022)
Yellow Down
Neil Dawson Yellow Down (2023)
Pukeko Down
Neil Dawson Pukeko Down (2023)
Ngahina Hohaia Tapuwae (2023)
Lonnie Hutchinson Puhoi (2022)
Lonnie Hutchinson Aroha (2022)
Hibiscus Cave
Lonnie Hutchinson Hibiscus Cave (2021)
Graham Bennett Converse (2008/22)
Be It on Our Heads
Graham Bennett Be It on Our Heads (2017)
Our Lady
Lyonel Grant Our Lady (2003)
Head Shrine
Terry Stringer Head Shrine (2020)
Chris Charteris Wasekaseka (2021)
Great Southern Ocean (Triple Strand)
Chris Charteris Great Southern Ocean (Triple Strand) (2022)
Chris Charteris Trinity (2022)
Māhutonga Roimata Uriuri - The Southern Cross Dark Teardrop
Anton Forde Māhutonga Roimata Uriuri - The Southern Cross Dark Teardrop (2021)
Ngā Whetū Toko Iwa / Nine Stars 1
Anton Forde Ngā Whetū Toko Iwa / Nine Stars 1 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 16
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 16 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 6
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 6 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 15
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 15 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 13
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 13 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 17
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 17 (2022)
Purehuroa Mā
Robert Jahnke Purehuroa Mā (2021)
Robert Jahnke ATA AMIO (2022)
Common Law Rights
Robert Jahnke Common Law Rights (2004)
Pistol and Kotiate
Martin Selman Pistol and Kotiate (2013)

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