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Studio 18D

19 Apr - 23 May 2022

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Exhibition Works

Into the Light
Leanne Morrison Into the Light (2021)
Out of the Darkness
Leanne Morrison Out of the Darkness (2021)
Whakaruru / Protector 1
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 1 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 2
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 2 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 3
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 3 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 4
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 4 (2022)
Whakaruru / Protector 5
Anton Forde Whakaruru / Protector 5 (2022)
Ellipsoid Series
Patrick Ferris Ellipsoid Series (2021)
Jenna Packer Swathe (2021/22)
Jenna Packer Prospect (2021/22)
Jenna Packer Rococo (2022)
Jenna Packer Botanic (2021/22)
Jenna Packer Horopito (2022)
Blue Jay Feather
Neil Dawson Blue Jay Feather (2020)
Seagull Feather
Neil Dawson Seagull Feather (2021)
Macaw Feather
Neil Dawson Macaw Feather (2020)
Kereama Taepa PākatiHadōken (2021)
Kereama Taepa PākatiAS1 (2021)
Kereama Taepa PākatiGalaga (2021)
Tangata Whenua [22-7]
Neil Adcock Tangata Whenua [22-7] (2022)
Tangata Whenua [22-10]
Neil Adcock Tangata Whenua [22-10] (2022)
Tangata Whenua [22-9]
Neil Adcock Tangata Whenua [22-9] (2022)
Tiki 44
Neil Adcock Tiki 44 (2021)
Tangata Whenua [22-1]
Neil Adcock Tangata Whenua [22-1] (2022)

Exhibition Text

Anton Forde’s all-seeing, spirit-imbued Whakaruru / Protector extended series talks across time. Neil Adcock’s use of pounamu traverses the tiki form while establishing human characteristics. Kereama Taepa’s sculptural masks utilise traditional carving techniques and the motifs of popular culture. Neil Dawson’s feathers ask the viewer to examine how we look after the environment and what we value. Patrick Ferris, exhibiting for the first time, is revealed as a very distinctive emergent figure in New Zealand ceramics. Leanne Morrison continues her exploration of texture, line and perception. Jenna Packer builds inciteful visual metaphors drawn from the complex histories of New Zealand colonialism, the wasteful practices and perils of capitalism.

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