Yuki Kihara Exhibitions

Yuki Kihara

Fa'afafine Series 2020
New Release

24 Feb - 28 Feb 2021

Exhibition Works

Fa'afafine - In the Manner of a Woman (Box Set)
Fa'afafine - In the Manner of a Woman (Box Set) (2005/20)
Fa'afafine - In the Manner of a Woman
Fa'afafine - In the Manner of a Woman (2005/20)
Ulugali'i Samoa - Samoan Couple
Ulugali'i Samoa - Samoan Couple (2005/20)
My Samoan Girl
My Samoan Girl (2005/20)

exhibition text

“With its pastiche referencing of ethnographic photography, Kihara’s work functions as a post-colonial critique of a specific type of European vision of Pacific peoples. However, Kihara also utilizes this problematic ethnographic imagery to explore issues related to the artist’s own identity as Fa’afafine. Discussing this series, Kihara notes that “my existence as a Fa’afafine person goes against every thread which makes up the social fabric that is essentially Western based” (Kihara, pers.comm.). In particular, this work provides a critique of the imposition of western binary norms of sexuality and gender onto indigenous Pacific peoples. Just as ethnographic photography provided a limited and distorted stereotypical representation of non-western peoples, the imposition of western concepts of sexuality onto Pacific cultures functioned to impoverish and repress rich, multivalent traditions.” Erika Wolfe, Shigeyuki Kihara’s Fa’afafine; In a Manner of a Woman: The Photographic Theatre of Cross-Cultural Encounter, 2008

Fa’afafine - In the Manner of a Woman (2020) revisits an incredibly iconic body of work from 2005.  These re-editioned works are available as an exclusive collector’s set in a custom built wooden box or individually (1 triptych and 2 singles).  Each of the works has been matted and is ready to frame.

artist interview

 Yuki Kihara speaks to Stephen Higginson about her iconic Fa'afafine Series. Video production: Ross Wilson

yuki kihara overview

 A brief overview of the career of Yuki Kihara, New Zealand's representative at the 59th Venice Biennale 2022