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24 Feb - 21 Mar 2018

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Exhibition Works

City with Obliterated Cone
Robert Ellis City with Obliterated Cone (1966)
Deep Point
Neil Frazer Deep Point (2006)
Le Dossier 3 (iv)
Christine Webster Le Dossier 3 (iv) (2006)
Elastical Junction
Caroline Williams Elastical Junction (1995)
A Collage of Features
Terry Stringer A Collage of Features (2017)
Plain Song: For the Painters at St Ives
J S Parker Plain Song: For the Painters at St Ives (2004)
Twisted Flax Pods
Ann Robinson Twisted Flax Pods (2011/14)
Kowhai - Coromandel Gold #1
Layla Walter Kowhai - Coromandel Gold #1 (2015)
Life's Not Fair
Nigel Brown Life's Not Fair (2007/08)
Nigel Brown Kokako (2015)
Tuatara Man
Nigel Brown Tuatara Man (2015)
Simon Edwards Sojourn (2008)
The Meeting Place
Chris Charteris The Meeting Place (2016)
Tai Karohirohi
Israel Birch Tai Karohirohi (2010)
Reflections - Clouds
Neil Dawson Reflections - Clouds (2017)
Blue Retreat Sweep
Neil Dawson Blue Retreat Sweep (2010/17)
Huia Construction
Paul Dibble Huia Construction (2015)
Roseate Spoonbill (Tropical Invasion III)
Hannah Kidd Roseate Spoonbill (Tropical Invasion III) (2017)
Rodent with Dancer
Paul Dibble Rodent with Dancer (2009)
Burnt Stump
Dick Frizzell Burnt Stump (1999)
Dick Frizzell Mince (2011)
Domestic Bliss
Dick Frizzell Domestic Bliss (2011)
The Protea
Reuben Paterson The Protea (2014)
Dazzle [1102]
Alice Rose Dazzle [1102] (2017)
Riley Line [983]
Alice Rose Riley Line [983] (2015)
Black Stripe [1132]
Alice Rose Black Stripe [1132] (2017)
Graphic Shade [1135]
Alice Rose Graphic Shade [1135] (2017)
Graphic Shadow [1125]
Alice Rose Graphic Shadow [1125] (2017)
White Linear Bottle [12726]
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Bottle [12726] (2008)
White Linear Bottle No. 3 [13252]
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Bottle No. 3 [13252] (2009)

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