Ann Robinson Exhibitions

The Auckland Art Fair

25 May - 29 May 2016

Booth D5 - The Cloud

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Exhibition Works

PELT - Camarillo
Lisa Reihana PELT - Camarillo (2010)
PELT - Pilosus
Lisa Reihana PELT - Pilosus (2010)
Toroa (Clear)
Mike Crawford Toroa (Clear) (2016)
Kumete Manu (Black)
Mike Crawford Kumete Manu (Black) (2015)
Reuben Paterson Pātea (2016)
Reuben Paterson Kaponga (2016)
Reuben Paterson Pungarehu (2016)
Reuben Paterson Opunake (2016)
X 1
Neil Dawson X 1 (2016)
Black Halos 17
Neil Dawson Black Halos 17 (2015)
X 2
Neil Dawson X 2 (2016)
X 3
Neil Dawson X 3 (2016)
Israel Tangaroa Birch Tohu (2012)
Israel Tangaroa Birch Content (2012)
Kumete (Red)
Mike Crawford Kumete (Red) (2016)
Kakapo (Chardonnay)
Mike Crawford Kakapo (Chardonnay) (2016)
The Calm
Paul Dibble The Calm (2015)
The Gold of the Kowhai
Paul Dibble The Gold of the Kowhai (2014)
Little Sister
Paul Dibble Little Sister (2014)
A Quiet Space 1
Paul Dibble A Quiet Space 1 (2015)
Paul Dibble Headlands (2012)
Maui Descending a Staircase II (after Duchamp)
Yuki Kihara Maui Descending a Staircase II (after Duchamp) (2015)
Ice Bowl #89 (Hyacinth Blue)
Ann Robinson Ice Bowl #89 (Hyacinth Blue) (2010)
Cactus Vase (Sapphire Rose)
Ann Robinson Cactus Vase (Sapphire Rose) (2015)
Shining Spleenwort: On the Faultline
Ann Robinson Shining Spleenwort: On the Faultline (2015)
Watcher: The Midnight Sky
Ann Robinson Watcher: The Midnight Sky (2016)
Paterson Inlet
Michael Hight Paterson Inlet (2016)
Towards Port William
Michael Hight Towards Port William (2016)
Michael Hight Kotare (2016)
Michael Hight Waitaanga (2016)
Whiwhi Part I (Past)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whiwhi Part I (Past) (2016)
Whiwhi Part II (Present)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whiwhi Part II (Present) (2016)
Whiwhi Part III (Future)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whiwhi Part III (Future) (2016)

Exhibition Text

Milford Galleries Dunedin looks forward to welcoming you at Booth D5 at the Cloud, during the 2016 Auckland Art Fair.

For the 2016 Auckland Art Fair we bring together works from ten established, mid- and early-career artists in a carefully curated mini-exhibition that reveals the gallery’s broad and long-standing engagement with the best of New Zealand contemporary art. The gallery presents a multitude of possibilities, enabling collectors to view the artworks as part of a larger conversation.

Visitors to the stand might explore how the theatricality of Michael Hight’s Nocturne paintings speaks to the performative elements of Yuki Kihara’s digital work. This could in turn lead to a conversation about the role of the nude, as embodied in bronze by Paul Dibble, and presented in Lisa Reihana’s provocative Pelt photographs. Such juxtapositions provide the opportunity to experience how narratives of pattern and form, symbol and story-telling are expressed in media as diverse as steel, glass, glitter, or harakeke.