Neil Frazer Exhibitions

Hight / Frazer / Hunt

2 Jun - 27 Jun 2012

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Exhibition Works

Headless North
Bruce Hunt Headless North (2010)
Maerewhenua Spur
Bruce Hunt Maerewhenua Spur (2010)
Bruce Hunt Cone (2010)
Bruce Hunt Backlands (2010)
Mount Pisa
Michael Hight Mount Pisa (2012)
Malaghans Rd
Michael Hight Malaghans Rd (2011)
Mataura River
Michael Hight Mataura River (2012)
Neil Frazer Divider (2007)
Neil Frazer Watchman (2008)
Black Sand Peak
Neil Frazer Black Sand Peak (2006/08)

Exhibition Text

The premise of this exhibition is one of contrasts but equally apparent is that there is much uniting the pictorial concerns of each of these significant artists.

Michael Hight’s beehives in the surrounding landscape have attained iconic status and served to inform viewers how the landscape and its details can be read. Neil Frazer brings us to the textural and physical reality of each landscape and its forms. Bruce Hunt stands back, high up, viewing the structural elements - the alpine landscapes’ architecture – as if a bird.

Each of these artists takes us into the landscape, to the different facts and varied experiences located in it. Hight’s emphatic realism is a contrast of depths and scales, placing the man-made indices of industry as the central metaphor of use. Frazer establishes scale outlined by negative space and implication. He achieves sculptural volume in the worked surface by abstracting the surface yet unmistakably achieves the remarkable status of delivering physical reality. Hunt takes the rhythms and folding forms of varied intersecting and interlocking landscapes which have been stripped bare. Scale in his work is vast and depth never-ending but equally true is that his works have a profound sense that the viewer could just start walking and enter the very landscape itself.