John Parker Exhibitions

Spring Catalogue

27 Aug - 19 Oct 2011

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Exhibition Works

Lake Wakatipu
Michael Hight Lake Wakatipu (2010)
Ovoid (Red) (2011)
Christine Cathie Ovoid (Red) (2011)
The Passage of History
Peter James Smith The Passage of History (2007)
Cube (Orange / Red / Blue / Yellow)
John Edgar Cube (Orange / Red / Blue / Yellow) (2008)
White Grooved Ring [10-4]
John Parker White Grooved Ring [10-4] (2009/10)
Afternoon - Karamea
Stanley Palmer Afternoon - Karamea (2010)
Blue Lustre Waka Paddle [12385]
Luke Jacomb Blue Lustre Waka Paddle [12385] (2008)
Nicolas Dillon Tui (2010)
Blue Lake, St Bathans (2009/11)
Peter Evans Blue Lake, St Bathans (2009/11)
Glass Crucible [14788]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14788] (2011)
Field Study 196
Mike Petre Field Study 196 (2011)
Medium Shell Lei
Emily Siddell Medium Shell Lei (2011)
More is More
Sue Hawker More is More (2011)
Blue Blazer
Simon Edwards Blue Blazer (2011)
Neal Palmer MG5 (2010)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [14847]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [14847] (2011)
This Land
Nigel Brown This Land (2010)
White Linear Bottle No. 3
Stephen Bradbourne White Linear Bottle No. 3 (2008)
Haka Lyric
Dick Frizzell Haka Lyric (2010)
Six Days Leave
Garry Currin Six Days Leave (2006)
Mother Lover Melodrama
Paul Martinson Mother Lover Melodrama (2011)
a cache of talismans No. 1
Megan Huffadine a cache of talismans No. 1 (2008)
Happy Camper
Hannah Kidd Happy Camper (2008)
After Stubbs: Field Study 140
Mike Petre After Stubbs: Field Study 140 (2010)
Patinated Bronze Crucible [13279]
Paul Mason Patinated Bronze Crucible [13279] (2009)
Wings of an Angel
Neal Palmer Wings of an Angel (2011)
Maerewhenua Spur
Bruce Hunt Maerewhenua Spur (2010)
Shrill Cry
Paul Martinson Shrill Cry (2011)
Tussle - Keas
Nicolas Dillon Tussle - Keas (2010)
Colyton (May)
Karl Maughan Colyton (May) (2008)
Punakaiki II (2010)
Stanley Palmer Punakaiki II (2010)
After Sunset
Elizabeth Rees After Sunset (2010)
Clearing the Gorse
Simon Edwards Clearing the Gorse (2011)
Murrine Pacifica [12375] (2007)
Luke Jacomb Murrine Pacifica [12375] (2007)
Old Boots
Dick Frizzell Old Boots (2011)
Glass Crucible [14785]
Paul Mason Glass Crucible [14785] (2011)
The Text Fails as the Cultural Fabric Fades
Peter James Smith The Text Fails as the Cultural Fabric Fades (2005)
Slender Pines
Elizabeth Rees Slender Pines (2010)

Exhibition Text

From the life-size exuberance of Hannah Kidd’s Happy Camper to the contemplative lines of John Edgar’s Cube, the 2011 Spring Catalogue features a wealth of works that will help revive the spirits after a long winter. Megan Huffadine awakens the magpie collector in all of us with her cache of talismans, while John Parker’s ceramic forms remind us of the beauty to be found in the refinement of form and perfection of finish.

A multitude of landscapes are present in the work of our painters. Simon Edwards’ fiery Canterbury Plains, the angular beehives of Michael Hight’s Lake Wakatipu and the lonely remnants of nikau forest in Stanley Palmer’s Afternoon – Karamea all examine human impact on the environment. Bruce Hunt’s desolate Maerewhenua Spur evokes the bleak grandeur of the Maniototo, while in This Land Nigel Brown entreats us to remember our role as guardian/kaitiaki of the land in which we live.

Accompanying these are seascapes that range from the turbulent wilds of Peter James Smith’s The Passage of History to the glimpses of calm waters seen in After Sunset by Elizabeth Rees. Flora and fauna take centre stage in the paintings of Karl Maughan, Neal Palmer, Nicholas Dillon, Paul Martinson and Mike Petre.

A serpentine new form from Christine Cathie continues her cast glass investigation into flow and movement and Ranamok Award winner Sue Hawker is represented by one of her masterful pate de verre vessels. Rounding off the show are the Venetian-styled/Pacific-influenced Blue Lustre Waka Paddle from Luke Jacomb, Emily Siddell’s Shell Lei and precious bowls from Paul Mason in both bronze and cast glass.