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10 Jul - 4 Aug 2010

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Exhibition Works

Freedom Off The Shelf
Reuben Paterson Freedom Off The Shelf (2008)
Kowhaiwhai II
Luke Jacomb Kowhaiwhai II (2006)
Coal Hill
Michael Hight Coal Hill (2009)
Patikitiki Connect II
Peata Larkin Patikitiki Connect II (2008)
Green Road
Karl Maughan Green Road (2007/10)
Red Haring V
Dick Frizzell Red Haring V (2007)
Curved Vase (2009)
Ann Robinson Curved Vase (2009)
Untitled (Large Red Kowhaiwhai)
Reuben Paterson Untitled (Large Red Kowhaiwhai) (2009)
Cinnamon Patu [12379]
Luke Jacomb Cinnamon Patu [12379] (2007)
Te Rito Pod
Ann Robinson Te Rito Pod (2010)
Last Breath
Reuben Paterson Last Breath (2007)
Beneath Bowen Falls To Mitre Peak, Fiordland 2000
Wayne Barrar Beneath Bowen Falls To Mitre Peak, Fiordland 2000 (printed 200)
All Square in Love and War
Dick Frizzell All Square in Love and War (2010)
Chard Farm
Michael Hight Chard Farm (2007)
Madonna Mountain
Nigel Brown Madonna Mountain (2007/08)
Scallop Bowl
Ann Robinson Scallop Bowl (2010)
Patikitiki Connect IV
Peata Larkin Patikitiki Connect IV (2008)
Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH4]
Luke Jacomb Reticello Canoe Paddle [MH4] (2008)
Vortex Cylinder [10-35]
John Parker Vortex Cylinder [10-35] (2010)
Naseby Street
Karl Maughan Naseby Street (2008)
Landscape Bowl
Ann Robinson Landscape Bowl (2009/12)
Trees at Lake Tutira (2008)
Wayne Barrar Trees at Lake Tutira (2008)
Red China Textured Flared Bowl [10-29]
John Parker Red China Textured Flared Bowl [10-29] (2009/10)
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Nigel Brown Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (2007)
Michael Hight Mesopotamia (2009)
Heritage Map (2010)
Penny Stotter Heritage Map (2010)
Murrine Patu [12376]
Luke Jacomb Murrine Patu [12376] (2007)
Softened Landscape II
Wendy Fairclough Softened Landscape II (2009)

Exhibition Text

Showcasing a range of artists, media and techniques The Review presents selected artworks of exquisite quality and diversity.

Nigel Brown, Karl Maughan and Michael Hight are names synonymous with New Zealand culture. These well-known and much loved artists each have an individual way of revealing New Zealand’s unique qualities, from flourishing botanicals, beehives nestled amongst tussocks and snow, to the narratives and poems that make us who we are.

Young, contemporary and grabbing the attentions of the media, collectors and the art world, Reuben Paterson and Peata Larkin have painting practices that are entirely their own. References to Maori patterns and motifs are apparent as both artists take traditional forms into a world of contemporary art.

Internationally renowned glass artists Ann Robinson, Wendy Fairclough and Luke Jacomb show the diversity of glass. Robinson’s cast glass works are simply stunning, their pure forms, vivid colours and technical innovations demonstrate why she is one of the world’s most significant glass artists. Luke Jacomb’s Patu glass works are exhibited for the first time since his touring show Seeking the Light at the New Orleans Museum of Art and Milwaukee Museum in America. Fairclough’s thirteen piece installation presents everyday objects as something delicate, precious and sculptural.

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