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Studio 9A

17 May - 10 Jun 2024

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Exhibition Works

Hook of Your Splendour
Chris Heaphy Hook of Your Splendour (2024)
Sandro Kopp Indigoboy (2023)
Dusty Road
Dick Frizzell Dusty Road (2024)
Think It Through
Chris Heaphy Think It Through (2024)
Sandro Kopp Mossurrender (2023)
Trimmed Hedge
Dick Frizzell Trimmed Hedge (2024)
Feelings Stay the Same
Chris Heaphy Feelings Stay the Same (2024)
Old Paper Road
Dick Frizzell Old Paper Road (2024)
Hold Your Words Aloft
Chris Heaphy Hold Your Words Aloft (2024)
Bent Pine
Dick Frizzell Bent Pine (2024)
Turn It Into Light
Chris Heaphy Turn It Into Light (2023)
Paletteye 3
Sandro Kopp Paletteye 3 (2022)
Every Time It Rings
Chris Heaphy Every Time It Rings (2024)
Paletteye 5
Sandro Kopp Paletteye 5 (2023)
Sandro Kopp Oceania (2023)
Of Trees and Lichen
Sandro Kopp Of Trees and Lichen (2023)
Crown Range
Michael Hight Crown Range (2024)
Kakanui Mountains
Michael Hight Kakanui Mountains (2024)
Michael Hight Tuatapere (2024)
Bridget Reweti Kahikatea (2023)
Bridget Reweti Makomako (2023)
Bridget Reweti Toetoe (2023)
Bridget Reweti Horoeka (2023)
Bridget Reweti Pūniu (2023)

Exhibition Text

Studio 9A features new and recent works from five significant New Zealand artists.

In a suite of new works, Dick Frizzell explores the rural landscape where the subject of use and misuse are equally weighted, where his trademark use of folding, interlocking rhythms, pattern and the role of lines become distinctive homages to place.

Bridget Reweti, a member of the Mataaho Collective awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale 2024, the Walters Prize (Auckland Art Gallery) 2021, and Frances Hodgkins Fellow, Otago University, 2020 and 2021, reprises the revelatory tintype process. In a conversation about time-past and time-present, Reweti explores absence and presence in a series featuring plants native to Wai Ōtākou, Otago Harbour.

Michael Hight’s Crown Range and Kakanui Mountains (both 2024) are outstanding examples of why his work is so acclaimed.

Sandro Kopp weaves colour and the human body together in an atypical compositional manner which hides and reveals as he explores visual divisions and tensions.

Chris Heaphy’s Hook of Your Splendour is a superb example of his renowned ability to play with scale and context. A robin sits atop a jardiniere, silhouetted against an abstracted background filled with light and presence.