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The Arrow

14 Jun - 8 Jul 2024

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Exhibition Works

The Glow of the Kōwhai
Paul Dibble The Glow of the Kōwhai (2023)
In Dreams
Tony Lane In Dreams (2000)
The Lost Garden (Model)
Paul Dibble The Lost Garden (Model) (2023)
Landscape with Shields
Tony Lane Landscape with Shields (1998)
Paul Dibble Flock (2023)
Tables with Flowers
Tony Lane Tables with Flowers (2008)
Holding the Balance (Model)
Paul Dibble Holding the Balance (Model) (2023)
A Moment (Model)
Paul Dibble A Moment (Model) (2023)
Plain Song: The Upper Wairau Valley
J S Parker Plain Song: The Upper Wairau Valley (2001)
Plain Song: Iron River Light
J S Parker Plain Song: Iron River Light (2002)
Ajax St
Karl Maughan Ajax St (2024)
Green Road
Karl Maughan Green Road (2023)
Mahua Road
Karl Maughan Mahua Road (2023)
Aytoun St
Karl Maughan Aytoun St (2024)
Orange, Azure, Green
Amanda Gruenwald Orange, Azure, Green (2023)
Yellow, Peach, Green
Amanda Gruenwald Yellow, Peach, Green (2023)
Red, Ochre, Green
Amanda Gruenwald Red, Ochre, Green (2022)
Red, Ultramarine, Green
Amanda Gruenwald Red, Ultramarine, Green (2022)
Cosmos Peaks
Freeman White Cosmos Peaks (2021)
Natchez Hudson Dolchiste (2023)
Mitre Peak
Freeman White Mitre Peak (2021)
In the Open
Natchez Hudson In the Open (2022)
Freeman White Earnslaw (2021)
Some Kind of Nature
Natchez Hudson Some Kind of Nature (2022)
Pa Hill and House [8481]
Toss Woollaston Pa Hill and House [8481] (ca 1970)
Mt Arthur from Gardiner's Valley [18462]
Toss Woollaston Mt Arthur from Gardiner's Valley [18462] (ca 1950)
Mount Malita from Upper Mahana [3535]
Toss Woollaston Mount Malita from Upper Mahana [3535] (ca mid 1980s)
Bayly's Hill [2919]
Toss Woollaston Bayly's Hill [2919] (1966)
Baye Riddell Toa (2024)
Baye Riddell Manaia (2024)
Whawhai Tonu
Baye Riddell Whawhai Tonu (2019)
Kia Mate I Te Ururoa
Baye Riddell Kia Mate I Te Ururoa (2019)
Niho Taniwha
Baye Riddell Niho Taniwha (2019)

Exhibition Text

Tony Lane’s enigmatic iconography, distinctive colour palette and metaphysical symbolism contains recognisably New Zealand motifs and landscapes. All at once playful, with echoes of primitivism and use of plural imagery, it has always stood apart from, if not outside, the more fashionable nationalist narratives so dominant in New Zealand art. Resisting casual interpretation, his works are complex, the symbols elusive and multi-faceted. With In Dreams (2000), Tables with Flowers (2008) and Landscape with Shields (1998) human presence is powerfully implied, objects venerated, the natural, spiritual and dream-worlds cohabitating.

Freeman White’s celebratory, assuredly delivered alpine landscapes are directly contrasted by Natchez Hudson’s mixed media works. Hudson turns the genre inside out by inserting geometric forms and planes of flat colour. Two significant palette-knife infused geometric abstracts by J S Parker reference the Marlborough landscape. The mutability of light, sky and land add additional elements into the complex conversation about how a landscape is represented, interpreted and experienced.

Toss Woollaston’s modernist landscapes changed the way New Zealanders saw art and themselves. His goal was to present contemplative, emotional responses, animated by feelings of immediacy, delivered with a unique interplay of rhythms and forms. Pa Hill and House (ca 1970) and Mt Arthur from Gardiner’s Valley (ca 1950) are commanding, authoritative and meditative oil paintings. In contrast, the watercolours – clearly more gestural in nature – are visual narratives of emotions and sensations.

Amanda Gruenwald’s organic paintings, ranging in scale, colour, and form, are fluid, open-ended and expressively energised. Musical in nature, with surfaces layered through pooling and spreading, and with delicious interior dynamics established, Gruenwald elicits profound moments of meditation from the viewer while recognising the canvas as an object in itself.

The Arrow 2024 also includes new paintings from Karl Maughan, new ceramics from acclaimed Māori clay artist Baye Riddell and an outstanding suite of recent Paul Dibble sculptures.