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The Whakatipu Chronicle

1 Mar - 25 Mar 2024

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Exhibition Works

Karl Maughan Mangarimu (2005/23)
Aotea'ula Fo (Pōhutukawa / Harakeke)
Yuki Kihara Aotea'ula Fo (Pōhutukawa / Harakeke) (2021/22)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Meremere (2021)
Kaitiaki II
Neil Adcock Kaitiaki II (2022)
Neil Dawson Renovation (1979/2023)
Ben Pearce SUJK (2023)
Ice Slope
Neil Frazer Ice Slope (2022)
Mark Mitchell Slip (2021)
Fish Face
Joanna Braithwaite Fish Face (2021)
Pink Roses
Dick Frizzell Pink Roses (2023)
Dick Frizzell BoHoTIKI #2 (2023)
Kekerengu Dreamtime #4
Simon Edwards Kekerengu Dreamtime #4 (2022)
Māra #6
Darryn George Māra #6 (2019)
Fatherhood Bird
Nigel Brown Fatherhood Bird (2021/23)
Tangata Whenua [22-7]
Neil Adcock Tangata Whenua [22-7] (2022)
Spilled Sublime
Simon Edwards Spilled Sublime (2020)
Nature Culture and Kiwiana
Simon Clark Nature Culture and Kiwiana (2022)
Waterlilies #4
Darryn George Waterlilies #4 (2021)
Tukituki River
Karl Maughan Tukituki River (2023)
Dick Frizzell BoHoTIKI #6 (2023)
Pink / Blue Parrot Feather
Neil Dawson Pink / Blue Parrot Feather (2021)
Arms Folded
Nigel Brown Arms Folded (2022)
Globe Trotter
Joanna Braithwaite Globe Trotter (2021)
Aotea'ula Wan (Mānuka / Rewarewa / Kiokio / Harakeke)
Yuki Kihara Aotea'ula Wan (Mānuka / Rewarewa / Kiokio / Harakeke) (2021/22)
Whiwhi Part II (Present)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whiwhi Part II (Present) (2016)
Hawk Feather
Neil Dawson Hawk Feather (2021)
Ben Pearce RALM (2023)
Renovation 2
Neil Dawson Renovation 2 (2023)
Shadow Peak
Neil Frazer Shadow Peak (2022)
Moana Lisa (after da Vinci)
Yuki Kihara Moana Lisa (after da Vinci) (2021)
Sāmoan Waters (after Gauguin)
Yuki Kihara Sāmoan Waters (after Gauguin) (2021)
The Temptation
Susanne Kerr The Temptation (2013)
Promised Land #1
Susanne Kerr Promised Land #1 (2016)
Reflections - Halos
Neil Dawson Reflections - Halos (2017)
Aotea'ula Faef (Ponga / Puriri / Puahou / Harakeke)
Yuki Kihara Aotea'ula Faef (Ponga / Puriri / Puahou / Harakeke) (2021/22)
Pearly Whites
Joanna Braithwaite Pearly Whites (2021)
Simon Edwards Prospector (2022)
Dick Frizzell BoHoTIKI #5 (2023)
Garden of Eden (6-2-21)
Darryn George Garden of Eden (6-2-21) (2021)
Chance Landing
Simon Edwards Chance Landing (2020)

Exhibition Text

Previously exhibited in Pittsburg, Houston and at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington, Te Rongo Kirkwood’s time-travelling, evocative Kākahu (cloak), Meremere (2021) was also awarded the premier Bullseye Glass Design Prize in 2022. Featured alongside the soaring, transformative Whiwhi Part II (Present) (2016), we witness Kirkwood’s multi-media expertise and rare unity of tradition and form, emotion and spirit.

Ambiguously titled, Dick Frizzell’s important BoHoTIKIs continue his long-term investigation into a modernist construct of the tiki form and conversation with the formal values of modernist abstract art. Accompanying the figurative presence, indeterminate space, geometric shapes and overlapping planes of his new tiki works is the simply beautiful, commandingly delivered Pink Roses (2023).

In his acclaimed career, Neil Dawson’s use of fluxing space, the architecture of line and intrinsic role performed by shadow have been amongst his most distinctive stylistic tools. The new Renovation works see him returning to the narratives of his early career. His long-term conversation with form, presence/substance and ethereality is explored in two key feather works alongside the globe-like Reflections – Halos (2017) where the perils of global warming are demonstrated by the rising water line.

Simon Edwards’ Kekerengu Dreamtime #4 (2023) and Prospector (2022) on first viewing seem mono-tonal but through the atmospheres, occlusions and fracturing spaces, colour slowly emerges, natural phenomena occur, landscapes morph and alter. In the sensuous and unsettling Chance Landing (2020) and Spilled Sublime (2020) we see again Edwards’ restraint as well as his signature delivery of vast majesty, dream-like quality and polychromatic glow. In sharp contrast, Neil Frazer’s silhouetted southern alpine landscapes examine the immensity, brutality and structural peril, of which Shadow Peak (2022) is an outstanding example.

Karl Maughan’s acclaimed celebration of garden architecture in Tukituki River (2023) sits alongside Yuki Kihara’s Aotea’ula series of commemorative necklace and lei-like forms comprised of native plants and flowers. Darryn George’s Waterlilies #4 (2021) presents three-level parables of loss and metaphors of the human spirit.

In Fish Face, Globe Trotter and Pearly Whites (2021) Joanna Braithwaite’s much-admired, searing use of anthropomorphic humour delivers uncompromising messages about our behaviours and the perils to all kind.

Two new multi-faceted, form altering corten steel sculptures RALM and SUJK (2023) by Ben Pearce accompany Neil Adcock’s emblematic, equally figurative Kaitiaki II (2022).