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Studio 9A

15 Dec 2023 - 26 Feb 2024

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Exhibition Works

Israel Tangaroa Birch Mangōpare (2023)
Cosmos Peaks
Freeman White Cosmos Peaks (2021)
Peata Larkin Hāro_Soar (2022)
Untitled (Mask and Head)
Graham Fletcher Untitled (Mask and Head) (2023)
Driving Back From Grahame's
Dick Frizzell Driving Back From Grahame's (2023)
Dick Frizzell Nude (2023)
Untitled (Mask, Totem and Club)
Graham Fletcher Untitled (Mask, Totem and Club) (2023)
Huia Sings Alone 1
Paul Dibble Huia Sings Alone 1 (2023)
Somewhere in Central Hawkes Bay
Dick Frizzell Somewhere in Central Hawkes Bay (2023)
Taitapu: Taupata
Michael Hight Taitapu: Taupata (2022)
The Space Between Us
Chris Heaphy The Space Between Us (2023)
Lonnie Hutchinson Awhi (2022)
Looking for a Lost Home
Paul Dibble Looking for a Lost Home (2023)
Tāhuhu Kōrero
Israel Tangaroa Birch Tāhuhu Kōrero (2023)
Small Lattice No. 427
Ian Scott Small Lattice No. 427 (2012)
Lonnie Hutchinson Niho (2023)
Lattice No. 164
Ian Scott Lattice No. 164 (1989)
Dixons Line
Karl Maughan Dixons Line (2023)
Peata Larkin Ora_Safe (2022)
Tukituki River
Karl Maughan Tukituki River (2023)
Tautuku Lodge
Roger Mortimer Tautuku Lodge (2023)
It's in Your Making
Chris Heaphy It's in Your Making (2023)
Roger Mortimer Rangitoto (2022)
In the Light of Day
Chris Heaphy In the Light of Day (2023)
Disrupt 8
Graham Bennett Disrupt 8 (2021)
Perceived Advantage
Terry Stringer Perceived Advantage (2023)
Disrupt 6
Graham Bennett Disrupt 6 (2021)
Pro Parrot Art
Terry Stringer Pro Parrot Art (2023)
Whakaruru Iti / Smaller Protector 3
Anton Forde Whakaruru Iti / Smaller Protector 3 (2022)
Freeman White Earnslaw (2021)
Richardson Range, Glenorchy
Freeman White Richardson Range, Glenorchy (2021)
Taitapu: Tahuroa
Michael Hight Taitapu: Tahuroa (2022)
John Foster
Toss Woollaston John Foster (1972)
Untitled (Nelson Landscape)
Toss Woollaston Untitled (Nelson Landscape) (1940s)
Digging / Painting / Rain
Euan Macleod Digging / Painting / Rain (2009)
Paintings, Mound, Hole
Euan Macleod Paintings, Mound, Hole (2005)
Gordon Walters Tamaki (1983)

Exhibition Text

Featuring new work from Israel Birch, Roger Mortimer, Dick Frizzell, Karl Maughan, Chris Heaphy, Terry Stringer, Graham Fletcher, Lonnie Hutchinson and Paul Dibble, Studio 9A is a curated exhibition of significant paintings and sculpture.

It also includes important works by Ian Scott, Michael Hight, Anton Forde, Gordon Walters, Euan Macleod, Peata Larkin, Freeman White, Graham Bennett and Toss Woollaston.