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The Arrow

21 Oct - 28 Nov 2022

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Exhibition Works

Survival Dog
Nigel Brown Survival Dog (2019/20)
Madonna Mountain
Nigel Brown Madonna Mountain (2007/08)
Nature Me Too
Nigel Brown Nature Me Too (2018-21)
The Shine Falls from Boundary Stream, Hawkes Bay 2013
Wayne Barrar The Shine Falls from Boundary Stream, Hawkes Bay 2013 (printed 2015)
Elvy Stream Waterfall, Pelorus 2013
Wayne Barrar Elvy Stream Waterfall, Pelorus 2013 (printed 2015)
From the Banks of Waipahatu Toward Punehu Falls, The Catlins 2013
Wayne Barrar From the Banks of Waipahatu Toward Punehu Falls, The Catlins 2013 (printed 2015)
Be It on Our Heads
Graham Bennett Be It on Our Heads (2017)
Graham Bennett Deception (2019)
Everything is Awesome I
Hannah Kidd Everything is Awesome I (2022)
Everything is Awesome II
Hannah Kidd Everything is Awesome II (2022)
Everything is Awesome III
Hannah Kidd Everything is Awesome III (2022)
Southward Kererū
Hannah Kidd Southward Kererū (2022)
Rummo Waits
Chris Heaphy Rummo Waits (2016)
Once in a Lifetime
Chris Heaphy Once in a Lifetime (2017)
Reflections - Buoys
Neil Dawson Reflections - Buoys (2017)
Reflections - Clouds
Neil Dawson Reflections - Clouds (2017)
Damien Kurth Sticks (2022)
Damien Kurth Titanium (2022)
Damien Kurth Assemblage (2020)
Red Ribbon
Christine Cathie Red Ribbon (2020)
Waterlilies #4
Darryn George Waterlilies #4 (2021)
Waterlilies #3
Darryn George Waterlilies #3 (2020)
Hanging Gardens Piopiotahi III
Russell Moses Hanging Gardens Piopiotahi III (2021)
Floating World I
Russell Moses Floating World I (2020-22)
Summers to Come
Mervyn Williams Summers to Come (1997)
Flashpoint (Gold)
Mervyn Williams Flashpoint (Gold) (2012)
Kōwhaiwhai Dancing
John Walsh Kōwhaiwhai Dancing (2019)
Kōwhaiwhai Rising
John Walsh Kōwhaiwhai Rising (2019)
Simon Edwards Claim (2022)
Simon Edwards Prospector (2022)
Spilled Sublime
Simon Edwards Spilled Sublime (2020)
Ice Slope
Neil Frazer Ice Slope (2022)
White Water
Neil Frazer White Water (2008)
The Temptation
Susanne Kerr The Temptation (2013)
The Leafless Grove
Susanne Kerr The Leafless Grove (2016)
Promised Land #1
Susanne Kerr Promised Land #1 (2016)
Whiwhi Part II (Present)
Te Rongo Kirkwood Whiwhi Part II (Present) (2016)
Kereama Taepa PākatiGalaga (2021)
Kereama Taepa PākatiPōro (2022)
Kereama Taepa PākatiAS1 (2021)

Exhibition Text

The Arrow features new ceramic and corrugated iron vases by Hannah Kidd, Russell Moses pays homage to Monet and Graham Bennett to Bosch as he continues to examine the ecological perils of our times. There are recent sculptural works by Kereama Taepa, compelling landscapes by Neil Frazer and Simon Edwards, alongside still-life tondos by Damien Kurth. Nigel Brown’s iconic Madonna Mountain, John Walsh’s Kōwhaiwhai suite and Te Rongo Kirkwood’s multi-media cloak directly express the cultural values and symbols that particularize New Zealand.

Darryn George presents Christian values and belief as dramatic allegories, as pictorial idylls. Wayne Barrar delivers waterfalls as poems of light. Mervyn Williams uses the chromatics of colour to invent and suggest. Susanne Kerr reveals visual stories about clandestine behaviours and illicit promises. Neil Dawson’s important wall sculptures play with light and use shadows. The outstanding, time-travelling, enigmatic Rummo Waits by Chris Heaphy tells stories while providing no actual answers.