Past Exhibitions

Phil Brooks

Lift - Soar - Glide - Drift

21 Oct - 28 Nov 2022

Exhibition Works

Soar (2022)
Lift (2022)
Glide (2022)
Drift (2022)
Miela (2021)
Parley VII
Parley VII (2022)
Parley VIII
Parley VIII (2022)
Reunion II
Reunion II (2020)
Moat (2020)
Buffer I
Buffer I (2020)
Under the Volcano
Under the Volcano (2019)

Exhibition Text

Featuring four major new works which once-again reveal Phil Brooks to have a wonderful lightness of touch, the aptly titled works (Lift, Soar, Glide, Drift) are imbued with the suggestive presence of birds and the sensations of flight. Accompanied by suites of recent works where Brooks explores the formalities of shape, functionality, surface, and discrete, restrained patterning, this grouping of carefully selected works openly acknowledges the emergence of an important new voice in New Zealand ceramics.