John Parker Exhibitions

The Arrow

22 Jun - 30 Jul 2019

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Exhibition Works

The Ripley Effect #1 [19-20]
John Parker The Ripley Effect #1 [19-20] (2019)
The Ripley Effect #2 [19-21]
John Parker The Ripley Effect #2 [19-21] (2019)
The Ripley Effect #3 [19-22]
John Parker The Ripley Effect #3 [19-22] (2019)
Head with Earring
Jeffrey Harris Head with Earring (2002-18)
White Painting
Jeffrey Harris White Painting (1988)
The Calm
Paul Dibble The Calm (2015)
Rabbit Fights Back
Paul Dibble Rabbit Fights Back (2016)
Fantail on Ring
Paul Dibble Fantail on Ring (2016)
Golden Oriori
Israel Tangaroa Birch Golden Oriori (2015)
Israel Tangaroa Birch Atakura (2016/17)
Whatumanawa (Blue)
Israel Tangaroa Birch Whatumanawa (Blue) (2016)
Be My Daytime You
Reuben Paterson Be My Daytime You (2019)
Above a Line of the Sea
Reuben Paterson Above a Line of the Sea (2019)
Reuben Paterson Aonui (2019)
Rangitata River
Michael Hight Rangitata River (2019)
Clutha River
Michael Hight Clutha River (2018)
Opihi River
Michael Hight Opihi River (2018)
Graham Bennett Connect (2018)
World Apart Marquette
Graham Bennett World Apart Marquette (2008)
2, 4-Shadow
Graham Bennett 2, 4-Shadow (2007/19)
Untitled Approach, 200 Feet
Garry Currin Untitled Approach, 200 Feet (2008-12)
The Lightning Speed of the Past II
Garry Currin The Lightning Speed of the Past II (2019)
Late Fragment
Garry Currin Late Fragment (2018)
Field Study 306
Mike Petre Field Study 306 (2016)
Matt White Grooved Bottle  [AF19-13]
John Parker Matt White Grooved Bottle [AF19-13] (2019)
Charcoal Grooved Vessel  [AF19-8]
John Parker Charcoal Grooved Vessel [AF19-8] (2019)
Shiny Grey Grooved Vessel [AF19-17]
John Parker Shiny Grey Grooved Vessel [AF19-17] (2019)
Strawberry [22912]
Katherine Smyth Strawberry [22912] (2019)
Cantaloupe [22911]
Katherine Smyth Cantaloupe [22911] (2019)
Feijoa [22910]
Katherine Smyth Feijoa [22910] (2019)

Exhibition Text

Michael Hight’s compelling Clutha River (2018) is the local centerpiece of The Arrow 2019, accompanied by two signature beehive works from his long-term project to encapsulate the major rivers of the South Island.

There are major new works by John Parker, startling in sensation and visual complexity. Reuben Paterson’s new glitter works demonstrate his trademark technical virtuosity and mastery of light.

Jeffrey Harris’s Head with Earring (2002-18) with a genesis of sixteen years blends allegory, dream, symbolism and time in a painting of breathtaking power and beauty. This is accompanied by White Painting (1988) a critically acclaimed museum standard masterwork.

There are major sculptures by Paul Dibble and Graham Bennett, new ceramics by Katherine Smyth, the beguiling treatises of light, pattern and carving marks of Israel Birch, the dissolves and presences of Garry Currin’s mysterious landscapes.

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